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  • AN3008: Using the DR65-0109 (DR65-0003 Replacement Part) to Drive SPDT PIN Switches
    for the negative output. Vdd and Vee are adjustable for various configurations and have the following limitations: Vee can be no more negative than -5.5volts; Vdd can be no more positive than 5.5 volts AND Vdd must always be less than or equal to Vcc. Increasing Vdd beyond Vcc will prevent the device from
  • Application Guidelines for Non-Isolated Converters: Margining and Voltage Programming (.pdf)
    The Austin LynxTM, Lynx II, TLynx and Naos Raptor series of non-isolated modules all have the ability to adjust their output voltage by interfacing through the Trim pin. In addition to the output voltage set function, two other types of output voltage adjustment are frequently used.
  • Smart Computing Article - Monitors
    is to adjust brightness and contrast controls until they darken the screen. Adjust the controls to see whether the picture now appears. (Monitors use several different systems for controlling screen size and picture. Check the monitor's documentation for more information.) Try adjusting some of the other
  • Smart Computing Article - Cooling
    , but the fans are kind of loud. How can I quiet them? The most practical way to regulate fan noise is through a controller that enables dynamic adjustments to fan voltage, resulting in higher or lower rpms. Because reducing fan speed also means less cooling capacity, make sure that your fan controller includes
  • Smart Computing Article - Members Of The Board
    Until a few years ago, users had to move jumpers (plastic blocks with wires inside) on electrical pins to change many motherboard settings. Today, you can adjust most settings in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) Setup screen accessible when you start the Among ATX's improvements over
  • Care and Feeding of the PIC16C74 and Its Peripherals
    A/D value may float around. The second trimpot is only used to show a method of changing A/D input pins. If you are using the PICDEM 2 board, then the LED and a current limiting resistor must be connected to the PWM output. When the program is run, the RS-232 terminal will display two A/D values
  • Low-Cost Electric Range Control Using a Triac
    Most countertop cooking appliances like electric ranges, skillets and fryers have an adjustable mechanical thermostat to vary the heat output of the range. This solution is inexpensive, but there are several drawbacks to mechanical thermostats: * Mechanical thermostats have to be calibrated
  • Using Microchip's Micropower LDOs
    of FIGURE 1: Adjustable LDO Feedback LDOs ideal for upgrading the LP2980 and MIC5205 Circuit. bipolar LDOs in cellular phones, pagers, PDAs, laptops, hand-held meters, and other portable The ADJ pin is a high impedance CMOS input. applications. Consequently, resistor values can be between 300 k? and R

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