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  • Comparison of Spray Droplet Size and Coverage for Nozzles Used for Agronomic Weed Control
    … XR) and chamber style flat-fan nozzle, the turbo flat-fan from Spraying Systems (TT); three older … … two new venturi style nozzles , the Air Induction Extended … … nozzle, the Turbo Twin flat -fan from TeeJet (TTJ60 … … fan from Air Bubble Jet Agri (ABJ).
    Two sets of flat fan nozzles (VMD = 230 and 400 µm, both delivering 250 L/ha at 6 km/h) were used to carry out two full sets of experiments. Based on data presented here, the use of an air speed higher than 25 m/s coupled with an air jet angle of 20° forward and a fine spray increase both the coverage of hidden parts of the plants and the spray penetration … … Bernard Panneton, ASAE Member, Research Scientist, Horticultural Research & Development Center, Agriculture & Agri -Food Canada, Saint …
  • Abstract | Crop Science Society of America
    … Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada, J3B 3E6 bDep. of Soil Science and Agri -Food Engineering, Faculty … … the effect of air assistance, the effects of airspeed, airflow rate, and air jet orientation were isolated. The study was carried out in a spray chamber with a standard spray boom over micro-plots … Air was delivered slightly behind the nozzles from a variable width slot producing a uniform two-dimensional … Two sets of flat fan nozzles (Volume Median Diameter = 230 and 400 μm, both delivering 250 L …
  • Low Volume and Ultra‐low Volume Application of Pesticides in Yugoslavia
    … et en se familiarisant avec le mode de traitement, l'aire d'activit6 de l'aviation agri - Cole de la … With the pressure spraying applied so far there was too much work for the planes in spring … Volumes of 0.5 to 3.5 I./ha. were applied, according to the manufacturers instructions, and for malathion and Accotion Tee Jet flat fan nozzles were used.
  • Electrostatic application of pollen sprays: effects of charging field intensity and aerodynamic shear upon deposition and germinability
    pollen-target wells facing directly into the aerodynamic force of the nozzle ’s air-carrier stream for … Since random flower orientations must be sprayed in actual implementation of this enhanced pollination method, the 2- to 3.6-fold increases in deposition of charged sprays onto 45 oblique flat -plate and well-type targets should typically characterize the overall electrostatic … … Mor, I. Rylski, and H. Frankel, “Pollination of tomato flowers by a pulsating air jet ,” Trans. … M. E. Hopping and E. M. Jerram, “Supplemental pollination of tree fruits,” New Zealand J. Agri .
  • The response of ACCase‐resistant Phalaris paradoxa populations involves two different target site mutations
    Tel: (+972) 8 948 9248; Fax: (+972) 8 936 2083; E-mail: rubin@ agri Commercial formulations of ACCase-inhibiting her- bicides were applied in mid-December 2005 using a motorised backpack sprayer equipped with a 10 nozzle Tee- Jet 11001 boom. Herbicides were applied at a spray volume of 140 L ha)1 . … ha)1 using a backpack sprayer with 2 m boom equipped with five flat -fan nozzles (11001 …
  • Improved uniformity of spray deposition in a dense plant canopy: methods and equipment
    … The VolcaniCenter,Bet Dagan 50250, Israel [Fax: +972-3-9604704; e-mail: grins@ agri]. … discharged material would reach the desired target, thereby avoiding the release of any spray material into the … Sprayers with drop-legs to place nozzles within the crop canopy can be of help in achieving … Triangular air drop-tube: cross-section of the models, and the outlet air- jet angles. Flat back .
  • Effects of long‐term irrigation with reclaimed wastewater on the efficacy and fate of trifloxysulfuron‐sodium in the soil
    Tel: (+972) 8 9489248; Fax: (+972) 8 9362083; E-mail: rubin@ agri Herbicides (Table 1) were applied using a motorised backpack sprayer equipped with a five Tee- Jet 11001 nozzles . The commercially formulated herbicides were applied at a spray volume of 150 L ha)1 at a … … 30 g ha)1 using a chain-driven laboratory sprayer, equipped with a flat -fan nozzle (8001E …
  • Initial Development and Validation of a Mechanistic Spray Drift Model for Ground Boom Sprayers
    … Ground Sprayer Data Ground boom sprayer data were also collected by Agriculture & Agri -Food Canada in … … personal communication) recovered drop size distributions for the XR8003VS, TI11005, AI11004, and AI110025 nozzles used in these … … formulated 2,4-D-amine (dimethylamine salt of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) was sprayed from a spray … … modeling because air turbulence at flight speed overwhelms any contribution of the nozzle jet velocity on droplet … … and empirical results from Briffa and Dombrowski (1966), who studied atomization and transport of flat fan sprays.
  • Investigating the phytotoxicity of the graminicide fluazifop‐P‐butyl against native UK wildflower species
    a Centre for Agri -Environmental Research, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading, Reading, Berks … All applications were conducted with a laboratory sprayer fitted with a Tee- Jet flat -fan nozzle operating at a pressure of 2.0 bar and a water volume of 200 L ha−1. The plants were set up and sprayed as per experiment 2.