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  • The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge
    The entire system runs on 70 psi compressed air provided by two 2.4 cfm, 12 volt air compressors. A pressure switch located at the main manifold will close and deploy the reserve piston if the … Throttle Actuation .
  • A bistable microrelay based on two-segment multimorph cantilever actuators
    For this NC mode of operation, switching experiments have been carried out by applying the signal source V2 in room air under a load rating of 1.0 mA. The mechanical actuation and the electrical contact performances are very repeatable. Because the unlatched “off’ state is obtained by active thermal resistance greater than 10” ohms, breakdown voltage in excess of 400 volts , actuation power pulses of 10 mW and 12 mW, latching and unlatching times around 0.5 msec and 0.1 …
  • An ultra-low voltage MEMS switch using stiction-recovery actuation
    1 Author to whom any correspondence should be addressed. of several tens of volts . Except the method of manipulating the actuation voltage during [7] or after [8] fabrication, it has been … In this work, we report on an ultra-low voltage MEMS switch with stiction-recovery actuation by incorporating torsional hinge structures, which have been favorably used for digital mirrors [9], RF switches [10], variable capacitors [11] and mechanical logic gates [ 12 ]. … this stiction- recovery actuation, the stiffness of the hinge and thickness of the air gap can be …
  • Design and Optimization of the University of Wisconsin's Parallel Hybrid-Electric Sport Utility Vehicle
    Air tank pressure and vacuum sensors (binary switches ) will activate the pump when either crosses its pressure threshold. … the air tank and used for the ride height adjustment and the 4-wheel drive actuation device. Two separate arrays are being connected to supply a maximum of 150 watts to the 12 - volt system.
    The other sensors comprise a conventional solarimeter and net radiometer. platinum resistance temperature sensors for air temperature and for wet bulb depression. a wind direction sensor based on an array of magnetic switches actuated by a magnet on the shaft, and a … A small 12 volt rechargeable battery powers the system.