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  • Door Operators-Image
    Door Operators - (177 companies)
    ...and sliding doors. In the United Sates, door operators must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Overhead door operators and door actuators can lift and lock. Overhead door operators lift a door to allow access. They are used...
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  • Doors-Image
    Doors - (1451 companies)
    Image Credit: Goffs Enterprises, Inc. Doors are swinging or sliding barriers that can be opened or closed to allow or deny entry. Generally, doors are grouped with other building supplies. Types. Doors are made of wood, plastic, metal, or composite...
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  • Locks and Locking Systems-Image
    Locks and Locking Systems - (521 companies)
    ...without use of a key. Rolling security codes help keep electronic deadbolts safe from break ins. Locks and locking systems can also be coupled with security systems, closed camera TVs, intruder detection equipment, garage door openers, or remotely...
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  • Linear Actuators-Image
    Linear Actuators - (716 companies)
    ...side is pressurized or de-pressurized to achieve the linear motion of the piston, causing movement. A common example of a hydraulic actuator is an automotive repair lift. Pneumatic actuation, also called air actuation, uses air pressure to actuate...
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  • Valve Actuators-Image
    Valve Actuators - (862 companies)
    ...valve actuators come permanently lubricated and will operate best with instrument-quality air. They can also be packaged with position sensing equipment, digital communication capacity and motor protection. Valve Method of Control and Function. Valve...
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    Air Cylinders - (654 companies)
    Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators driven by pressure...
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    Damper Actuators - (52 companies)
    Damper actuators are powered devices that are used to operate a damper and adjust the flow of air and smoke. There are two basic types: electric and pneumatic. Electric damper actuators differ in terms of output. Choices include 0 to 12 VDC, 2 to 10...
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    Pneumatic Valve Actuators - (424 companies)
    Pneumatic valve actuators adjust valve position by converting air pressure into linear or rotary motion. There are two main forms: the piston actuators and diaphragm actuators. Piston actuators are used when the stroke of a diaphragm actuator would...
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    Industrial Remote Controls - (217 companies)
    Industrial remote controls are wireless input devices that are used to control machines and equipment to which they are not directly linked. They use radio frequency (RF) signals, digital pulses, or infrared light to send signals from transmitters to receivers.
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    Pneumatic Rotary Actuators - (207 companies)
    Pneumatic rotary actuators use pressurized air to rotate mechanical components. Pneumatic rotary actuators use pressurized air to rotate mechanical components. They are used in applications such as machine loading and unloading, material handling...
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  • Suppliers to the new Maserati Gran Turismo
    …Generator Valeo Info-telematic system Magneti Marelli Instrument cluster Magneti Marelli Integrated garage door opener homelink optional (in europe … PPG Industries Electro-hydraulic actuation system Magneti Marelli Front door Pilkington Front door electric … brake (APB) Bosch Cabin air filters Freudenberg Driver airbag…
  • Suppliers to the new BMW 7 Series
    …Automotive ARS (active roll stabilization) ZF ARS (active roll stabilization) optional ZF Friedrichshafen AG Body undershields Rchling Automotive Brake actuation TRW Automotive Brake lines TI Automotive Braking air guide systems AKsys USA … Homelink, the integrated garage door opener Johnson Controls HVAC Behr…
  • Audi A6
    …Springs ThyssenKrupp Steering Column ThyssenKrupp Presta Brake Lines TI Automotive Brake Lines TI Automotive Brake Shims Trelleborg Anti Roll Bar Bushes Trelleborg Rear Callipers TRW Automotive Braking Actuation TRW Automotive Linkage Control … Electronics Homelink Integrated Garage Door Opener Johnson Controls Lumbar Adjustment … Kongsberg Steering Column Module Kostal Headliner Lear Interior Trim Lear Seat Systems Lear Air Conditioning Lines Manuli…
    This switch, in turn, actuates a rotating step switch, thus enabling the patient to switch on or off, and operate some household appar- atus, such as a wireless - or television set, door opener , teawarmer, lamp, etc. .... as an extremely sensitive and accurate pneumatic valve, which can cause alterations in air pressure up to…
  • Suppliers to the new Audi A4
    …Rear axle bearing NTN Rear axle support assembly left/right Linde & Wiemann Rear axle tie rod Vibracoustic Rear calipers TRW Automotive Rear wheel bearings Snr Roulements Reservoir (other actuation ) TRW Automotive Sealing covering … Contacting housings Hirschmann Automotive Door control module Continental E … units Hella HID ballast (as tier2) Mitsubishi Electric Homelink (the integrated garage door opener ) Johnson Controls HVAC … Borscheid + Wenig Acoustic foam Borscheid + Wenig Acoustic package interior (wheelhouse liners, dampers) Rieter Air conditioning lines Eaton…
  • Suppliers to the Mercedez-Benz C-Class
    CHASSIS/UNDERBODY 15", 16" & 17" Brake TMD Friction Actuation TRW Automotive Alloy Wheels Borbet Group Aluminium wheels (supplier: Speedline) Mazzucconi Aluminium-Light-forged … For Front Axle Honeywell Friction Materials Disc Brake Pads Rear Axle Honeywell Friction Materials Door Impact Beams Cosma Electronic … High Mitsubishi Electric Infotainment system including voice control navigation Harman/Becker Integrated garage door opener HomeLink Johnson Controls … A-, B- and C-Pillars IAC Group A/C Compressor Denso A/C Hoses Visteon Air vents for rear…
  • Why Use a Premium Quality Pneumatic Operator?
    DOOR OPENERS . .... Pneumatic operators are by design, air cylinders. .... operator when they are specially configured to operate a door instead of any countless industrial actuation uses.
  • Ultrasonics in Industry
    is for an automatic garage door opener which, in the simplest case, employs a transducer mounted on the front end … be picked up by a similar transducer located at the garage entrance, which actuates a relay to cause the door to open. .... brittle material, the tip will go through the material much like a vibrating air drill goes through…
  • Actuators
    Solenoids can be used in car door openers and pneumatic valves. .... Solenoid controlled valves are used to control fluid and air flow. .... The central spool is moved to the left when the solenoid is actuated .
  • Isuzu D-Max — Offering New Technology in The LCV Space
    The space cab arched deck variant sports additional features such as remote fuel lid opener , centralised door lock, tachometer, power windows, air condi- tioning and chrome finish on several parts. .... The D-Max features a 240 mm clutch with diaphragm actuation and the engine feels refined, with…