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  • Improving Compressed Air Energy Efficiency in Automotive Plants - Practical Examples and Implementation
    TYPICAL COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS IN AUTOMOTIVE PLANTS Automotive assembly and stamping plants typically use compressed air for counter balance, suction cups, clutching brakes, die lifters , pneumatic tools and motors, and cushion cylinders.
  • Mechanical features of the OzPoz fiber positioner for the VLT
    The mechanism for this is a lifter , shown in figure 6, comprising a standard die set (in which the upper plate is guided by linear bearings constraining it to move vertically) actuated by a pair of air bellows.
  • Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering/Wörterbuch GeoTechnik
    … a result of such factors as freezing and swelling due to increased water content or sulphite soils exposed to air ] ● Aufbruch m, Hebung … … Satz m, Kunstsatz, Pumpensatz [ Die Schachtpumpen eines Bergwerks insgesamt … … tragfa¨higen Schicht abgehoben hat] lifter , devil [A stretcher carried …
    Spring-loaded stock lifters , pressure pins, or pressure pads may all be used as ejectors of finished … The action of ejectors may be aided by a slant in the die surface, inclination of the press bed, or the application of compressed air .
  • ZASMHBA0005112
    Kickers consist of pivoted levers, generally air actuated, that are mounted in the dies and throw stampings out of the dies when the dies open. Lifters are similar devices but simply move vertically and require other means for stamping ejection.
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  • ZASMHBA0005118
    For small parts, air blasts should be used. For medium parts, an effective unloading system may use lifters to free the part from the die and a positive kicker to eject the part.
  • ZASMHBA0005139
    An air blast entering through holes in the punches removed the scrap in order to protect the die and the feed mechanisms. Spring-actuated lifters stripped the blank from the bending section of the die after the lugs were …
  • Structure Development of Low‐Density Polyethylenes During Film Blowing: A Real‐Time Wide‐Angle X‐ray Diffraction Study
    Hydraulic lifter Die Air ring .
  • Dictionary laboratory Laboratory Dictionary
    plunger dies , piston, slide; tappet  syringe piston syringe piston plunging jet reactor / deep jet reactor … plunging siphon grooving jack plus (minus) connection electr plus ~ (Minus~)verbindung pluviometer / rain gauge rain … plywood plywood plywood board of plywood plate pneumatic pneumatically pneumatic druckluftbetrieben Luft... compressed air, Druck......