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  • Flow Meter Helps Refinery Optimize Boiler Air Feed for Sulfur Recovery Units
    A refinery in Saudi Arabia needed to optimize its SRU system to increase its efficiency and reduce costs. The plant team at the refinery quickly identified the need for more accurate and reliable measurement of air on the boiler's main air feeder line, which would require a more robust air flow
  • Sensing Air Flow with the PIC16C781
    Programmable Switch Mode Controllers (PSMC) are not just for switching power supplies. This technical brief describes how to use the PIC16C781 PSMC in combination with the Integrated Operational Amplifier, Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), and gated timer to construct a thermally operated air flow
  • Methods of Modulating Air Flow
    : Increase pressure, using louvers to block air flow. Reduce blade angle, using automatic fans and single speed motors. Reduce RPM, using variable-speed motors. All three, when provided with suitable sensing and control devices, can provide a fine degree of control as ambient conditions change
  • Flow Measurement
    the transmitter in the correct location, eliminate air pockets, and keep the instrument piping free of dirt, rust, and corrosion which may block the transmitter sensing ports.
  • Air/Gas Flow Measurement for Turbomachinery: What You Don't Know Can Be Frustrating
    The accurate, repeatable flow measurement of air and gases is critical to the safe, efficient and cost-effective operation of turbomachinery and related equipment in the electric power generation, oil/gas production/refining and other industries. Choosing the wrong air/gas flow meter sensing
  • Flow Energy Management Part 3: Three Successful Flow Energy Management Case Studies
    at times of peak manufacturing to small flows (perhaps due to leakage) when most production is on standby. With accurate compressed air usage measurements, companies are putting a price tag on compressed air and making educated choices that lead to cost savings. C2-1-audits Image. In the past, most
  • Rotronic - Making Sense of Sensor Numbers and Placement
    and symmetrical, there are still other considerations to think about. Is there a heat or cold source for the system to be mapped? Is there a. fan that can affect air flow? Is there something blocking air flow such as a shelf or product? Is there a theoretical gradient of some type, like. an upper corner (hot
  • Do Averaging Sensors Average? (.pdf)
    the average ambient air temperature, but also sense the average temperature of the mass flow of air.
  • Understanding Common-Mode Differential Pressure
    When pressure sensors are used to measure differential pressure (?P) for sensing flow, the common-mode pressure issues need to be considered. This is especially true for applications such as medical instrumentation, environmental controls and heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • LDE/LME Series - superior immunity to dust
    In this application note LDE/LME differential pressure sensors from First Sensor are experimentally compared to other sensors which use the same (thermal-anemometer-based, non-membrane) sensing principle, where differential pressure is inferred from a gas flow through the sensor. With dust
  • The 5 Best Industry Applications For Linear And Rotary Solenoids
    ), or hydraulics (the flow of oil). You can count on a linear or rotary solenoid valve to be an integral part of this equipment to produce the rotational motion or linear movement to operate these valves. As part of an automated conveyor system, solenoid valves can sense an electrical impulse and respond

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