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  • How Do Mass Air Flow Sensors Work?
    Mass air flow sensors are detection devices that are used to measure mass flow rate, and they play a critical role in the function of various medical equipment. Respirators, ventilators, anesthesia equipment, oxygen concentrators, and many other medical devices rely on mass air flow sensors
  • Sensing Air Flow with the PIC16C781
    Programmable Switch Mode Controllers (PSMC) are not just for switching power supplies. This technical brief describes how to use the PIC16C781 PSMC in combination with the Integrated Operational Amplifier, Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), and gated timer to construct a thermally operated air flow
  • Compressed Air Flow Measurement Meters
    The EPI MULTI series flow meters are multi-point, which use multiple connected sensor assemblies connected to a remote control panel for metering large pipes/ducts. The EPI MULTI series flow meters are multi-point, which use multiple connected sensor assemblies connected to a remote control panel
  • Flow sensors are key to analyze, optimize and maintain the air consumption of a pneumatic application
    Wasting compressed air is usually harmless to the environment. This may be the reason why air leaks are often not taken seriously. The fact is compressed air is the most expensive energy available in a production facility. Consequently, air leaks are often-times an underestimated waste of energy
  • Do Averaging Sensors Average? (.pdf)
    An averaging temperature sensor (ATS) is generally used to maintain the design mixed air temperature of an airside economizer system. These devices can have sensing elements from 5 to 50 feet long and generally provide acceptable performance if they are installed properly so they not only sense
  • Technical Article: Traditional Mass Flow Meters
    Typically traditional mass flow sensors are hot wire sensors that operate on the heat loss principle and designed for general flow applications (e.g continuous pipe flow). ATC's micro-flow sensors, like the IGLS, are used for leak testing. They are designed for leak testing, where air flows
  • How Does a Thermal Flow Meter Work?
    An insertion-type (immersible) thermal flow meter works by measuring the total mass flow rate of air/gas flowing through a pipe or duct. In a thermal flow meter†TMs simplest working configuration, gas flows past a heated velocity sensor and a temperature sensor. Instrument electronics work
  • Case Study: Sensors Reduce Rejects in Production
    Compressed air meter, flow sensor and IO-Link ensure fault-free automotive components
  • Air Flow Control Using Fuzzy Logic
    be used to enhance existing products with intelligent functions. Second, it can utilize sensors that continuously respond to changing input conditions. In addition, fuzzy logic simplifies dealing with non-linearities in systems, and allows for quicker product development cycles. This application
  • Rotronic - Making Sense of Sensor Numbers and Placement
    and symmetrical, there are still other considerations to think about. Is there a heat or cold source for the system to be mapped? Is there a. fan that can affect air flow? Is there something blocking air flow such as a shelf or product? Is there a theoretical gradient of some type, like. an upper corner (hot
  • Flow Energy Management Part 3: Three Successful Flow Energy Management Case Studies
    at times of peak manufacturing to small flows (perhaps due to leakage) when most production is on standby. With accurate compressed air usage measurements, companies are putting a price tag on compressed air and making educated choices that lead to cost savings. C2-1-audits Image. In the past, most
  • Part 2-Flow Energy Management Applications-Installation Tips & Tricks
    In part 1 of our Flow Energy Management series, we identified the 3 Killer Flow Energy Management Applications that will reduce energy costs: compressed air & natural gas measurement, steam production, distribution, and allocation, and water/BTU measurement. And we identified the best flow meters
  • Overcoming Flow Measurement Challenges in Wet Gas and Open Stack, Rain-Down Installations
    Wet gas is a challenge to measure in a number of industries, including those with combustible gases that represent a safety hazard. In the laboratory, today's air/gas flow sensors and measurement technologies operate at their highest accuracy and greatest reliability in air or gas free of moisture
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    Plant engineers have many flow measurement technology options when selecting flow sensors or flow meters to optimize heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) and process control systems. It is therefore helpful to understand in some detail, the multiple types of flow meters and flow sensor
  • Application Note: Sensors in Anesthesia Machines
    A medical anesthesia machine is designed to deliver drugs that help to. eliminate pain and other unwanted sensations. The continuous flow anesthetic machine provides an accurate and. constant supply of medical gases (such as air, oxygen and nitrous oxide) mixed with an accurate concentration
  • LDE/LME Series - superior immunity to dust
    in the air flow, all other sensors having flow impedance 15 Pa/(ml/s) to 300 Pa/(ml/s) went out of calibration or failed entirely while the LDE/LME sensors having flow impedance >10 kPa/(ml/s) kept their calibrated sensitivity. The LDE/LME pressure sensors from First Sensor require only very tiny flows