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  • How Electric Control Valve Actuators Can Eliminate the Problems of Compressed Air as a Power Medium
    Today, a major technological advance is available that can help control valve users avoid many of the problems and inefficiencies associated with using compressed air as a power medium.
  • Air-Handling With Care
    systems and specialized connectors and valves contain potent compounds, thereby minimizing worker exposure. Secondary ways to limit exposure is by using personnel protective equipment such as gowns with breathing air or purified-air powered respirators. The facilities housing potent compound processes
  • How Some Supervisory and Leakage Currents Can Affect Today's Low-Power Solenoid Valves
    In process plants worldwide, low-power solenoid valves are used as pilot valves to open. and close larger ball or butterfly valves, or on control valves for fail-safe air release if there's. a loss of power or air. They work by pressurizing or depressurizing associated actuators.
  • Industry Solutions For The Most Common Solenoid Valve Challenges
    . If this is the case, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. If leakage still occurs, you may need to install a new valve or change your valve construction altogether. 2. Valves Don't Open. Below are the common reasons a solenoid valve does not open: Power failure - Make sure the valve opens and closes
  • Understanding ANSI/ISO Schematic Symbols for Fluid Power Components
    such as cylinders and rotary actuators. Air preparation equipment conditions the air by providing filtration, controlling pressure, and lubricating the valves and actuators. Directional valves control the direction of flowand is identified by the number of ways or ports and their number of positions. The number
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations
    . The pressure rise that results from resistance to flow increases the drive energy on the compressor by 1% of connected power for every 2 psig of differential. Leak reduction. Air leaks are a major energy drain, but they also can damage equipment. A poorly maintained compressed air system will likely have
  • When are Manual Actuators a Good Fit?
    Actuators can have many different sizes, shapes and functions, but all of them require some sort of input power to move the valve or the damper they are mounted on. On this blog, we have talked about many different input sources in the past, from compressed air for pneumatic actuators
  • Electric vs. Pneumatic Actuators. To every application, turn, turn
    providing feedback and precise control. Both offer years of dependable operation and can represent a cost savings over manually operated valves. Certainly, availability of electric power or plant air is a major factor in selection, but beyond this, the choice should be made dependent upon application.

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