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  • Case Studies [Air Gap Sensor] :Seating Confirmation of the Shaft Prevents Machining Errors
    Metrol's "Air Gap Sensors" can detect the seating of the shafts with 0.5µm repeatability, preventing defective products.
  • Molykote (R) Synthetic Oil Extends Lubricant Lifetime by 57% in Air Compressor Application
    To understand the advantages of this premium fluid, consideration should be. given to special demands of the application. In a rotary screw compressor,. the lubricant performs several difficult functions: * Lubricating the shaft seals, bearings and rotating screws. * Removing the heat
  • Preventing Rust from Building on a Primary Pivot Ball Bearing
    Issue: Rust generated on a bearing in a hinge assembly prevents servicing. The bearing and housing sits within an air-conditioning unit above a door. Condensation from the AC leaks into the bearing and the cup that holds it. Rust generated overtime fuses the shaft and the cup, which prevents
  • Cameco McArthur River Mine Water Treatment Project
    In early 1997, Inproheat supplied a 6 MM Btu/hr pond water heating system for the Cameco operated McArthur River Project in northern Saskatchewan. The McArthur River Project was one of the new generation uranium mines located at a remote location 620 air kilometers north of Saskatoon. The mine went
  • Interphex Preview, Part Deux
    by utilizing a swinging motion instead of the customary rotating motion. It provides a hermetically sealed environment no rotating shaft seal and is ideal for low-shear, high-purity mixing applications. Components for High Purity Fluid Handling Process Flow Technologies (CPFT) specializes
  • Abrasion test results/Lab Report
    The Abrasion test fixture consists of: (1) a platform supported by a shaft and bearings with 8 sample mounting. plates bolted in place, (2) a standard 5/16" diameter sandblast gun fixed in position 11/2" from the edge of. the sample mounting plates and canted to give a maximum angle of incidence
  • Advantages of Linear Encoders Over Rotary Encoders
    ?. They adopt the magnetic sensing technology, so they work without contact and ensure virtually wear-free and maintenance-free operation. There are no moving parts and all the mechanical components found in rotary encoders (flange, shaft, bearings, etc.) are not need, which eliminates mechanical failures
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: Five factors to consider before making the switch to aftermarket oil
    in the oil, and. temperature. Compressor oil that is too thick may. cause compressor shaft seals to leak. Compressor oil. that is too thin cannot provide enough of an oil film to. support the loading of the bearings, reducing bearing. life. That's why it's beneficial to align oil viscosity to a. specific

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