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  • Good grease, good landing
    bearing seals to test for corrosion resistance in the test greases. Wheel assemblies were exposed to a far more aggressive wash than what is considered standard procedure. The E-2C Hawkeye is the Navy's all-weather advance intelligence aircraft. Its long-range radar assists battle-cruiser groups
  • Fighting friction with solid-film coatings
    . The second reason for using low-friction coatings is to handle applications that can't use fluid as the primary lubricant. Examples include nonmetallic bearings made from fiber, plastic, composites, or paper in instrument and aircraft applications. The coating also reduces friction in the bearing
  • Aluminum-Alloy Bearings
    Aluminum bearing alloys have wear resistance, high load-carrying capacity, fatigue strength, thermal conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance, and low cost. They are used extensively in connecting-rod and main bearings in internal combustion engines, hydraulic gear pumps, oil-well pumping
  • 100 years of flight - Keep them flying : Avionics
    . It was designed to let ground operators discern one aircraft's radar return from another's. Returning Parrot pulses from a plane were used to plot that aircraft's range and bearing on a radar scope and contained coded information such as mission status, fuel remaining, or indicated an emergency. During the war
  • Dynamic Testing Leads to Improved Fibers
    the basis for today's high-tech composite materials that are inexorably replacing traditional materials in applications from artificial organs to super-absorbent diapers, to construction materials for aircraft, automobiles and space stations. Customer demand for products having higher load bearing
  • Joining Composites
    Mechanical fasteners, adhesives, or both are used to join composites. The joining technique used on a particular composite depends on the application and the material composition. For instance, composites used in aircraft are usually joined by a combination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives
  • Polyimide composites challenge metals
    A variety of polyimide composite materials produce cost-effective alternatives to cast-metal parts. Edited by Jean M. Hoffman The bushings, bearing pads, and splines in the 10-stage, high-pressure compressor of the Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engine are made from Vespel polyimide. These parts

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