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    Description: The CO2 controller doesn't just measure CO2 levels - it controls them. Control a Fan or Damper to Remove CO2 Control CO2 Delivery System to Increase CO2 Rugged High-Voltage and High-Amperage Relay Most inexpensive CO2 controllers skimp on

    • Specific Gas Types: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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  • Supplier: Paragon Industries, L.P.

    Description: ceramic fiber top, which also has pinless element grooves. The fiber top helps keep the kiln interior even cleaner. The fiber lid is a result of our search for better ways to make kilns. Reliability at the Heart of the Kiln The Fusion-16 has a two-year warranty. The temperature sensor

    • Application: Industrial
    • Capacity: 0.9600 cubic feet
    • Temperature Range: 1700 F

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  • Supplier: Hydrofarm, Inc.

    Description: thermostat , a dehumidifying humidistat, a 24-hour clock timer, a photo-sensor and a repeat cycle timer. Heating and humidifying control is provided by triggers for remote high-amperage relays which enable synchronized equipment management. Automatic override and defeat systems

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  • Supplier: RS Components, Ltd.

    Description: The ACD-14 PLUS clamp meter is the perfect choice for both HVAC and electrical applications due to its versatile set of features which includes microamps, temperature with thermocouple, capacitance and frequency. Its dual displays allows viewing amperage and voltage simultaneously. The ACD

    • Electrical Measurements: Diode Test
    • Form Factor: Clamp Meter
    • Resistance / Impedance Range: 40000 kohms

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  • Supplier: United Equipment Accessories, Inc.

    Description: The Standard Bearer for All UEA Slip Rings The design and features of the 1.50" (38.1mm) unit make it our most popular and versatile slip ring. Our modular concept assures the amperage and voltage combination needed for power or control - or both simultaneously. Models within this

    • Features: Through-hole Bore?
    • Maximum Current: 6 to 125 amps
    • Maximum Voltage: 28 to 600 volts
    • Number of Circuits: 1 to 100

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  • Supplier: Century Control Systems, Inc.

    Description: The Watlow EZ-ZONE® RM integrated multi-loop controller can be used as a PID temperature/process controller, an over/under limit controller or these functions can be combined into an integrated controller. Other control functions can be integrated such as high amperage power controller

    • Control Signal Output: Current Loop, Switch / Relay Output
    • Control Technique: Limit / Set Point Control, PID Control
    • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount, DIN Rail
    • General: Datalogger

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    • High-five to high-side current sensing
      High-side current sensing detects downstream shorts and avoids many sources of electrical noise and EMI. This ACS754 Halleffect current sensor from Allegro Microsystems measures isolated high-side currents up to 200 A using less space than a quarter. An exploded view of an Allegro Microsystems

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