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  • Comparing analog and digital drives
    analog drive shown in the diagram. In this case, the drive is configured as a torque amplifier. An external controller generates a +-10-Vdc command signal. The drive monitors the motor winding current and estimates the mechanical torque. A compensator takes the difference and generates a voltage command
  • Digital Speed Breathes Life Into Analog I/O
    Digital Speed Breathes Life Into Analog I/O. Analog I/O Components Are Using Faster, Cheaper and More Powerful Data Processors to Do A/D Converting, Analyses and Other Calculations in Local Controllers in the Field. This Means They No Longer Need Special Communications to a PLC or Centralized
  • Load Cell Application - Dual Tank Level Controller
    the instrument built-in alarm set point or interfacing with a PLC computer via instrument Analog output or RS232 & USB. Load Cell | Bending Beam Load Cell | Canister Load Cell | Column Load Cell | Compression Load Cell | Custom Load Cell | Donut Load Cell | High Capacity Load Cell | Low Capacity Load Cell
  • Interfacing Microchip MCP3201 A/D Converter to 8051-Based Microcontroller
    In embedded controller applications, it is often desirable to provide a means to digitize analog signals. The MCP3201 12-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter gives the designer an easy means to add this feature to a microcontroller with a minimal number of connections.
  • Application Review and Comparative Evaluation of Low Side Gate Drivers
    Power MOSFETs require a gate drive circuit to translate the on/off signals from an analog or digital controller into the power signals necessary to control the MOSFET.
  • Computer Power User Article - X-Ray Vision: Nintendo Wii Remote
    If you prefer a more normal type of controller, you can connect the Classic Controller to the Wiimote with a long cord. The Classic Controller includes several buttons, a D-pad, and two analog sticks. On the other hand, you can get two additional trigger buttons and an analog stick
  • Making Chocolate Candy Faster [with Omron PLC Control]
    Oak Leaf Confections in Toronto, Ontario streamelined production of chocolate balls for Sixlets candies by desiging a depositing system consisting of a modulating process valve whose actuator had enough torque to handle chocolate as it begins to solidify;an analog output for control with an Omron
  • 4-20 mA Vibration Monitoring of Chillers and Cooling Units
    by a process control system, such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). PLCs have the ability to accept 4-20 mA analog input signals. Plants that utilize a PLC for operation often utilize this capability to achieve the cost savings of online vibration monitoring by sending 4-20 mA analog vibration data

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