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    Magnetometers - (66 companies)
    ...normally used in a fixed location. Outputs and Interfaces Outputs and interfaces determine how a magnetometer displays and transfers its information. Outputs include analog current, analog voltage, analog frequency, or digital. Interfaces include...
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    Modeling and Simulation Software - (482 companies)
    Modeling and simulation software is used to model and simulate a system or process for the purposes of testing or calibration. It is used in a wide variety of industrial processes and is applied in conjunction with physical simulation systems...
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    Analog Voltmeters - (137 companies)
    Analog voltmeters are instruments that measure voltage or voltage drop in a circuit. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Analog voltmeters measure voltage or voltage drop in a circuit. They display readings using...
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    Analog Multimeters - (177 companies) being measured. An analog multimeter displays these values via a dial, typically a moving pointer or needle. Analog multimeters are generally bench top or hand held. Bench top models can also be portable by use of handles and wheels. Hand held...
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    Analog Comparators - (72 companies)
    Analog comparators are amplifiers that compare the magnitude of voltages at two inputs. An analog comparator is an operational amplifier with negative feedback removed, and with no feedback and very high gain, the output voltage goes to one extreme...
    Analog Ammeters - (119 companies)
    Analog ammeters are metered instruments that measure current flow in amperes. They display current levels on a dial, usually with a moving pointer or needle. Analog ammeters, also known as current meters, are metered instruments that measure current...
    Analog dBm Meters - (17 companies)
    ...dBm, 1 V across 1,000 is W 0 dBm, and both voltages result in 1 mW. Specifications. Analog dBm meters are available in handheld and benchtop models. Many devices are portable, low cost, and designed for test environments. Battery powered units can...
    Analog Panel Meters - (161 companies)
    Analog panel meters measure and display processes and electrical variables with a simple dial display. Analog panel meters are instruments that measure variables such as pressure, flow, temperature, speed, current, and voltage. They display values...
    Analog Resistance Meters - (77 companies)
    Analog resistance meters are instruments that measure electrical resistance. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Resistance, which is measured in ohms (W), is the opposition to the flow of electric current...
    Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Chips - (115 companies)
    Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) chips transform information from analog to digital form. Analog-to-digital converter chips (ADCs) transform information from analog to digital form. ADCs receive analog input, perform calculations on the analog...

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  • A digital-type fluxgate magnetometer using a sigma-delta digital-to-analog converter for a sounding rocket experiment
    For the efficient reduction of the weight, size and power consumption of the magnetometer for future missions .... We have already built a trial model of an analog application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in which the same amplifier and band-pass filter circuit as the DFG were designed. .... The chip area is 25 mm2 , which is significantly smaller than that of the DFG we built.
  • Limitations of Attitude Estimnation Algorithms for Inertial/Magnetic Sensor Modules
    Unit dimensions are 65 mm × 90 mm × 25 mm. .... sensor module shown in Figure 2 is a research prototype developed by the Modeling , Virtual Envi- ronments .... Primary sensing components for this unit include Tokin CG-L43 ceramic rate gyros, Analog Devices ADXL202E micromachined accelerometers, and Honeywell HMC1051Z and HMC1052 one and two-axis magnetometers .
  • New approaches to source localization in MEG
    The subjectwas in a magnetically shielded room and the magneticfieldswererecordedwith a 14channel BTi model 607- 25 D magnetometer . .... The data were analog {andpass filtered from 1-200 Hz, digitized at 600 samples/second, and averaged.
  • RPC-MAG The Fluxgate Magnetometer in the ROSETTA Plasma Consortium
    …sensors are boom mounted and connected to the Plasma Interface Unit (PIU) via the sensor analog electronics. .... For all spacecraft subsystems and experiments, the maximum allowed magnetic field at the position of the outboard magnetometer sensor was limited to 25 nT. .... programme are: identification and magnetic mapping of all critical units of the engineering model , modelling all units…
  • Model identification of a micro air vehicle in loitering flight based on attitude performance evaluation
    Notice that the MAGS consists of three accelerometers, a temperature sensor, an analog /digital (A/D) converter, and … determined by measuring the earth’s magnetic field using an X-Y-Z axis magnetometer subsystem, in which .... Please see [ 25 ] and [26] for more details. .... A wireless RF receiver with the model number R149DP (made by Futaba Electronics Company, Ltd., Japan) is…
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Fluxgate magnetometer instrument on the CRRES
    CRRES was launched on July 25 , 1990, at 1921 UT. .... apogee = 6.3Re, and initial magnetic local time of apogee = 8 MLT), the magnetometer must have a .... The CRRES triaxial fluxgate magnetometer sensors and analog electronics ( model SAM-63B-15) were developed and built by Schonstedt Instrument Company in Reston, Virginia.
  • Orbital mapping of the lunar magnetic field
    The only significant difference between the Apollo 15 and 16 magnetometers is an increase by a factor of 2 in the sensitivity of the Apollo 16 magnetometer , increasing the resolution to 0 … decreasing the range to _ 25 and ___100 7 for … Fourier analysis of high telemetry rate data (one sample per second) and by analog techniques on the … the times of crossings of the solar direction are computed from an empirical model of the change…
  • Magnetoencephalography
    …758 Alzheimer’s disease, 342, 421, 432, 469, 470, 610, 625, 626, 658, 659, 663, 790, 850, 876, 883, 907, 989 AMICA, 200, 201, 204, 208, 211 Amphetamine, 887–889 Analog signal processing, 10, 11 … volume conduction, 477–501 Atomic magnetometer , 26–28, 31, 950 Attention … 606, 803, 815, 852 ASD, 530, 539, 564–568, 580–582, 584, 588–590 Averaging, 19, 25 , 130, 136, 142 … 660, 662, 814, 845, 852, 876, 879, 886, 893, 935, 980, 986 Biophysical modeling , 185, 346, 350…
  • Improvement of Azimuth Accuracy by Use of Iterative Total Field Calibration Technique and Compensation for System Environment Effects
    …industry-standard digital voltmeter and scanning device are used for acquisition of sensor subassembly analog output signals. .... In addition, a reference magnetometer is used to measure the absolute value of the ambient field at .... Thermal Modeling . .... The industry standard is every 25 degrees C., throughout the operating range of the unit under test.
  • Author index with titles
    Sci. Technol. 25 (2012) 129901 . .... L F: see Xin Y 105011 Zhang M and Coombs T A: 3D modeling of high-Tc … R, Xie X, Meyer H-G, Offenh¨ausser A and Jiang M: Planar SQUID magnetometer integrated with bootstrap … Y K and Maple M B: High pressure transport studies of the LiFeAs analogs CuFeTe2 and Fe2As…

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