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  • Anesthesia Contaminants
    This application note describes the analysis an anesthetic agent by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) to quantitatively determine the concentration of a suspected contaminant or impurity.
  • High Performance Materials Make Their Mark In Manufacturing
    their designs. This is particularly evident within the Fluid Handling Industry, where components designed for compressed air are now also used for the movement of specialty gases and corrosive fluids. Several industries utilize specialty gases and fluids such as DI water, Hydrogen, Helium, anesthesia
  • Medical Device Link . Stabilization of Gamma-Irradiated Polycarbonate
    , rigidity, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and moldability in intricate parts. Many medical devices produced from PC--for example, dialysis and anesthesia canisters, syringes, stopcocks, blood oxygenators, cardiometry reservoirs, intravenous connectors and accessories, blood filters
  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    Pressure regulators are found in many common home and industrial applications. For example, pressure regulators are used in gas grills to regulate propane pressure, in home furnaces to regulate natural gas, in medical/dental equipment regulate oxygen and anesthesia gases, in pneumatic automation

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  • The anaesthesiology
    After completion of the supply of anesthesia gas , the anesthetic along the partial pressure gradient of blood in alveoli diffuses.
  • Anesthesia and intensive medicine
    In the clinical everyday life, the use of anesthesia gases is an often used anesthesia form for implementation of an anesthesia.
  • Pharmacotherapy in anesthesia and intensive medicine
    The pharmacokinetics of the inhalation anesthetics stands out against the pharmacokinetics of intravenously administered substances at following points particularly: the anesthetic effect of the anesthesia gas , 5 quantitatively not appreciable, minimum Metabolisierung, determines 5 alveolar receiving and elimination 5, no 5 plasma …
  • Repetitorium anaesthesiology
    1.9 risks of the anesthesia gas load - 18 .
  • Anesthesia, intensive medicine, emergency medicine, smarting therapy
    Of usual anesthesia gases there are all only N2O as gas other -, Halothan, Ethrane, Isofluran,SevofluranundDesfluran-alsFlüssigkeit, that evaporates.
  • Repetitorium anaesthesiology
    Blood-gas-distribution coefficient of volatiler anesthetics and anesthesia gases .
  • Repetitorium anaesthesiology
    Blood-gas-distribution coefficient of volatiler anesthetics and anesthesia gases .
  • The Wondrous Story of Anesthesia
    The CAS assisted in creating and implementing new anesthesia gas machines standards of the Canadian Standards Association.
  • Medical technology
    Particularly in the operation region where is a plurality of medizintechnischen devices present and anesthetic gases as well as combustible liquids like disinfectant are used, an electrostatic discharge could ignite the "explosive OP atmosphere" and develop the devastating effect.