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  • Electrical Power Generators-Image
    Electrical Power Generators - (1008 companies)
    ...and are typically powered by a fuel engine. Physical Concept. Generators produce electricity from mechanical inputs through the physical process of electromagnetic induction. In their simplest form generators harness mechanical energy by rotating a coil...
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  • Water Heaters-Image
    Water Heaters - (416 companies)
    ...are gas, oil or electric-fired devices used to heat water for residential and commercial use. The most common types are storage water heaters and demand water heaters. Storage water heaters consist of an insulated vessel or tank coupled...
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  • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and Systems-Image
    Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and Systems - (175 companies)
    ...horsepower). DC power sources use DC power from a battery or power supply. Rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems can be either dry (oil-less) or oil-sealed based on the pump design. Most rotary vane pumps are oil-sealed, meaning they use oil...
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  • Combustion Engines-Image
    Combustion Engines - (250 companies)
    ...are used primarily in the form of turbines for generating electric power. Fuel Types. Combustion engines also vary based on the type of fuel they burn. Gasoline is a liquid fuel derived from petroleum (crude oil). Grades of gasoline differ based...
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    Engine Starters - (55 companies)
    ...diameter of the air feed piping. Hydraulic. Hydraulic engine starters are used in field generators, marine propulsion engines, water pumping equipment for fire suppression, and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) equipment for oil and gas exploration...
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    Refrigerants, Antifreezes, and Cooling Liquids - (217 companies) the evaporator coil. The evaporator draws in heat from the region to be cooled before the refrigerant is cycled back through the closed system. Refrigeration Cycle Video Animation. Video credit: AZVocationalTraining/ CC BY-SA 4.0. Combustion Engine Coolants...
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    Oil Sensors and Analyzers - (63 companies)
    ...that identifies particles suspended in lubricating fluids. Types. Oil sensors and oil analyzers enable technicians to reliably predict when the oil in an engine needs to be changed. On-board oil sensors and oil analyzers installed in vehicles provide feedback...
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    Liquid Handling Pumps - (2358 companies)
    ...liquid handling pumps include all pumps designed to handle industrial liquid media such as water, wastewater, chemical slurries, oil, coolant fluid, or sewage. Pump Operation. In terms of operation, all pumps are ultimately classified as either...
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    Aircraft - (89 companies)
    ...glider; coaxial helipter; Zeppelin airship. Types. Aircraft can be categorized as the following: Fixed wing aircraft: Airplanes harness the fluid propulsion of a propeller or jet engine to create lift underneath wings with a load-proportional lift...
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    Hydraulic Cylinders - (795 companies) valves, which control the flow of the hydraulic oil entering or leaving the cylinder. Cylinders are typically allowed to run at their maximum natural speed. This maximum speed is determined by cylinder size, port size, air pressure, bore...
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  • Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0
    … touches, handling 111-114 win and lose labels, adding 188-190 Cocohunt Xcode project creating 58, 59 coconut explosion animation 198-200 Cocos2D about … … with Xcode 18 physical engines , integration with 330-332 … … BADLAND 12 Feed Me Oil 2 13 Lep's World …
  • Handbook of Performability Engineering
    … terminals (SMT), 1049 Space redundancy, 1092 Spanning tree, 1080 Spanning tree protocol (STP), 1096 Sparing, 81, 84 Item-level sparing, 84 System-level sparing, 87 Spatial redundancy, 1104 SPC, see Statistical process control Spectrometric analysis of engine oil , 817, 821 Sputter yield … … chain perspective, 875 Supply network perspective, 879 Supportability, 99 Survivability, 11, 71 Suspended animation , 309, 318, 319 …
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  • US Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat motion recording black boxes
    This presents an opportunity to capture specific engine parameters such as fbel pressure, engine load, oil pressure, etc. along with the MDR data during a severe motion event … … provide usefbl information on the impact of real operational motion events on engine performance. The R&D Center plans on additional enhancementsto the animation program and investigation into possible &ture multimedia computer …
  • Visualization of scalar data defined on a structured grid-applications to petroleum research
    Smooth anima- tion and simuhaneous visualization of two or three scalar fields are also described. W e have tested our methods on various types of data issuing from difer- ent fields of petroleum engineering, i.e. oil reservoir simulation, geophysics, geology and combustion engine simulations.
  • My personal history in the early explorations of computer graphics
    For STP oil treatment, we produced a visual simulation of a transparent working car engine, including a camera fly through of the oil path within the engine . Character animation Working with Mal, and following on Mal’s pioneering 3-D animation work, Larry Luther, Ron …
  • Citation Classics from Social Indicators Research
    Given any object O, whether animate or inanimate, and any state 5 of O, then what O … Thus we speak of an engine needing oil without normally mentioning that the engine needs oil in order to function smoothly.
  • Quality of life
    Given any object O, whether animate or inanimate, and any state S of O, then what O … Thus we speak of an engine needing oil without normally mentioning that the engine needs oil in order to function smoothly.