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  • Titanium and Titanium Alloys-Image
    Titanium and Titanium Alloys - (322 companies)
    How to Select Titanium and Titanium Alloys Titanium and titanium alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue properties, and high strength-to-weight ratios. Types of Titanium and Titanium Alloys Pure Titanium...
  • Anodes-Image
    Anodes - (151 companies)
    ...for different applications. Anode materials are usually made of aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, magnesium, titanium, zinc, or various alloy systems derived from these metals. Aluminum anodes and aluminum alloy anodes are lightweight, non-ferrous metal...
  • Anodizing Services-Image
    Anodizing Services - (293 companies)
    ...the stainless steel from corrosion. Choices for coatings include anodizing, ceramic coating, chemical finish, coil coating, galvanizing, hard coating, hardfacing, painting, powder coating, rubber or plastic, thin film coating, thermal spraying, and titanium...
  • Index Drives-Image
    Index Drives - (23 companies)
    Index drives are used to start and stop a table, conveyor or other equipment at precise intervals. Types of index drives include cam index drives, ring index drives, and roller gear index drives. Index drives are used to start and stop a table...
  • Rotary Indexing Tables-Image
    Rotary Indexing Tables - (124 companies)
    Rotary indexing tables are used to index components in defined, angular increments so that they can be machined, worked, or assembled in multiple operations. Tables can have fixed or adjustable indexing angles. Rotary indexing tables are machine...
    Plating Chemicals and Anodizing Chemicals - (110 companies)
    ...and immersion plating solutions, as well as brush plating accessories and platinized titanium anode meshes. For electroplating applications, plating supplies and anodizing supplies include the electrode to be plated, a plating anode (a second electrode...
    Plating and Anodizing Equipment - (154 companies)
    Plating equipment and anodizing equipment is used to apply a finish to a products to increase its durability or to resist corrosion. Plating equipment and anodizing equipment applies a finish to a product to increase its durability or to resist...
    Gradient Index Lenses - (8 companies)
    Gradient index (GRIN) lenses focus light through a precisely controlled radial variation of the lens material's index of refraction from the optical axis to the edge of the lens. Gradient index lenses are optical lenses -- often planar -- which...
    Thin Film Materials - (206 companies)
    ...of conductivity.High resistivity is a defining characteristic of a dielectric material. Index of refraction is the measure of the speed of light in a material. It is a ratio of speed of light in a vacuum to speed of light in the considered material...
    Coating Services - (1608 companies)
    ...commonly done to aluminum, but titanium, zinc, magnesium, niobium, and tantalum metals can also be anodized. Conversion Coating. Conversion coating includes any process involving chemical or electrochemical treatment of a metal surface. The coatings provide...

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