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  • Optimizing an LTE Antenna's Matching Network
    A simple antenna for LTE band operation is added to the PC board of a smartphone in XFdtd and the matching circuit is tuned for operation in multiple frequency bands. The component values in the matching network are chosen so that system efficiency is maximized.
  • Matching circuit optimization for antenna applications
    Impedance matching is an essential part of antenna design. The input impedance of an antenna needs to be reasonably close to the amplifier impedance (e.g. 50 Ohm), otherwise the signal is reflected back to the amplifier and not radiated by the antenna.
  • DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO
    An antenna is designed for VHF and UHF DVB operation using Antenna Magus, a matching network is designed in Optenni Lab and the full combination simulated in FEKO.
  • Matching Network Design for GPS/Bluetooth Antenna
    A single antenna can be used for GPS and Bluetooth applications if a matching network is properly designed. Once the desired matching network topology is determined using a circuit simulator, full wave simulations are needed to determine the final LC values. This application note demonstrates how
  • Full-Wave Matching Circuit Optimization Shortens Design Iterations
    . This article demonstrates the design of a matching circuit for a GPS-Bluetooth antenna using the new FW-MCO workflow.
  • Testing & Matching PCB Antennas
    Connecting to an Antenna Under Test (AUT) integral to a Device (DUT) may involve some tradeoffs between measurement accuracy, electrical considerations, and mechanical ruggedness. In this paper, we describe some aspects of this connection with practical advise for such test and measurement
  • Matching Small Loop Antennas to rfPIC(TM) Devices
    In close proximity to the human body, small loop antennas outperform small dipole and monopole antennas [1]. Their size, robustness and low manufacturing cost have made small loops the most popular antenna for use in miniature key fob transmitters. A small loop antenna typically consists
  • Overview of XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer
    XFdtd 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software analyzes antenna and matching circuit structures using the full wave Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) simulation method. XF's Circuit Element Optimizer utilizes full wave analysis to select the component values for a given printed circuit board (PCB

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