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  • Engineered Tribological Composites
    Bortz [6-33] produced a non - woven air-laid mat of aramid fibers with a carding machine.
  • Recyclable flame retardant nonwoven for sound absorption; RUBA®
    The nonwoven fabric was produced from the para- aramid SF, the PET SF and the LMP PET SF us- ing commercial equipment. The carding process was performed two times for better evenness and better ori- entation.
  • Engineering Polymers In Nonwovens, Fibers And Other Extruded Substrates
    Industrial weaving products have also used thermoplastic polyesters such as PBT.23 Additionally, PBT staple fibers have been used in the production of nonwoven carded fabrics. … performance / cost gap between traditional polymers and higher-end materials such as aramids and non-polymeric …
  • Comparison of tensile and compressive characteristics of intra/interply hybrid laminates reinforced high‐density flexible foam composites
    Para- aramid staple fibers were made of recycled unidirectional sel- vages consisting of 2820 D K129, 1000 … Recycled Kevlar/LMPET hybrid nonwoven was fabricated through blending, carding , lapping, and needle-punching pro- cess.
  • Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering II
    To reduce cost, some researchers have impregnated thermoplastic films on aramid fabrics [3, 4, 5]. In this paper, we will only use textile technology to prepare a flexible puncture-resisting material based on nonwoven and needle-punching technique. … Corporation, South Korea) were used to make high-modulus nonwovens through opening, blending, carding , lapping and needle …
    Needlepunching, a nonwoven technology of fabric forma- tion, is used in the manufacturing of several commercial products such as home and automobile upholstery, carpeting, medical and hygiene products, industrial filters and many other high performance applications. … the fibers to aid its mechanical processing during the preparatory process such as carding is carried over … One such study con- ducted by Wagner and Ahles, on Kevlar aramid fibers have shown a considerable …
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology 3rd Edition Complete Document
    For composites, glass, carbon, Kevlar, and Nomex aramid may be used. It should be apparent, therefore, that proper fiber selection is essential in order to ensure desirable enduse performance characteristics of the nonwoven . NONWOVEN WEB-MANUFACTURING METHODS Nonwoven webs can be produced in four primary ways: carding , air laying, wet …
    For most nonwoven batts, basis weight cannot be considered independently of the thickness and the density. The experimental batting materials for this study were produced as follows: Carded webs were formed by cross … They were produced using three different heat resistant fibers: oxidized PAN, para- aramid , and meta-aramid fibers.
  • The effect of blend ratio and process parameters on tensile properties of polyester/viscose blended needle-punched nonwovens
    … punching is widely preferred mechanical bonding method during manufacturing of nonwovens in which carded web of fibers … Needled nonwoven fabrics are exposed to some forces during their use and may be disintegrate to individual fibers. Watanabe et al. [8] presented a comparative study of aramid and polyamide needled nonwoven fabrics for examining …
  • Synthetic Fibers and Fabrics
    … other textile products manufactured from polymer-based materials such as polyamide (nylon), polyester, aramid , or other spun … • Carded and needle punched, non - woven - Carded yarn has been through the card machine but has not been combed.