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  • Short Communications
    Veraldi S, Carrera C. Delayed cutaneous reactions to jelly- fish. Despite these efforts, the patient repeatedly had rapid onset of symptoms on welding and remission of such … Radiation emittance by welding arcs comprises a broad range of wavelengths, i.e., infrared, visible, and ultra … … welding individuals near welding stations, but also in welders themselves even if welding helmets are used (5–7).
  • Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics
    The middle part B linking A and C is arc film. [5] Garcı́a Páez JM, Jorge Herrero E, Carrera Sanmartı́n A, Millán I, Cordon A, Martı́n Maestro M … … ensure detector running at a high speed (6 ~ 8 m/s), probe over weld immediately after the … … resistance are getting increased use in many high-performance structural applications such as helmets , bullet proof vests …
  • Hand surgery
    J hand Surg On the 29: 63-67 Lama C, Carrera A, Proubasta I, Llusa M, Majo … Acta Orthop Belg 70: 406-409 Towfigh H, in: Schmit Neuerburg, Towfigh, Letsch; elbow , arm, hand of … J Bone Joint surg (On) 91(7), 1568-1577 vineyard AM, Pietsch IT, helmet MB, Hesselbach J … ekkriner sweat gland operation .
  • World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, June 7-12, 2015, Toronto, Canada
    … be sufficient to limit the acquisition angles to a subset (for example, an arc ) representative of the … ing, laser welding resulted in sufficient durability. In immersive VR, helmets or caves (rooms where walls, ceiling and floor are projection screens) are used … 1Universidad del Rosario, EMCS: Carrera 24 No. 63 C 69, Bogotá, Colombia, Tel., 2970200, …
  • Paediatrics
    In the blood ausstrich, typical Fragmentozyten often find in helmet form (. Abb. 178.9). These concern the skull bones with prominent yoke arcs and upper jaws (facies of thalassaemica) (. Abb. 178 … Night sweat connected to weight loss and unclear fever N Engl J Med 339(17):1186-1193 Apperly E, Carreras E, cover MAN E, ridge relief …
  • Americam Society of Composites: 29th Technical Conference
    Therefore, it is important to identify an appropriate temperature for manufacturing the helmet preforms. A physical model to show the surface interaction between the lightning arc and the composite structure has … As each precut strip is laid in place, it is ultrasonically spot welded to the ply below … … ZZ theories used for the analysis of multilayered laminated plates and shells are presented by Carrera [38].
  • Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics II
    Emotiv EPOC is similar to a bicycle helmet , as shown in Fig. 1. Finally, the comprehensive positioning accuracy of system can reach up to ±5 arc sec, and the rate … J.M. Garcı́a Páez, E. Jorge Herrero, A. Carrera Sanmartı́n, I. Millán, A. Cordon, M. Martı́n Socket Welds .
  • Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV
    Erasmo Carrera , Angelo Ciuffreda, Bending of composites and sandwich plates subjected to localized lateral loadings: a comparison … The arc edges of the structure were fixed in the length direction. Because frame is mostly made by welded steel plates and bolted connection, it is complex in structure … … rules and strong realistic traffic hazard scenarios, use 3 D (stereo glasses or helmet ) technology, through the …
  • Textbook of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
    of 18 60 Co pellets, held inside a series of three welded stainless-steel cylinders, which are … … most visually distinctive part of the B and C models is the external helmets which provide final … The gantry of the LINAC rotates around the patient, producing an arc of radiation focused on the … Marti-Masso JF, Obeso JA, Carrera N, Astudillo W, Martinez Lage JM.
  • Kompendium Internistische oncology
    Eur J of Cancer 34:329.336 Piro LD, Carrera CJ Carson DA 2-Chlorodeoxyadenosine, Beutler E … … 6 % * weight loss: 16,1 % * Unclear fever: 7,5 % * night sweat : 19,0 % … … 2002), a prophylactic brain skull irradiation including the segments C1.2 (so-called helmet technique) with 23 … Clinical examination F Specifically skin findings (possibly elevation arcs or photo documentation, possibly also information of a …