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    CRT Monitors - (191 companies)
    CRT monitors are ruggedized for use in control room, factory floor, or process applications. CRT stands for cathode ray tube. A CRT is essentially a sealed glass bottle with no air inside. It begins with a slim neck and tapers outward until it forms...
    Degaussers and Demagnetizers - (46 companies) reduced or erased. Degaussing (a form of demagnetizing) is used with audio tapes, video tapes, and computer tapes; computer hard disk drives (HDD) cathode ray tubes (CRT) monitors; and closed circuit television (CCTV). Suppliers of degaussers...
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    Process Monitors - (132 companies)
    Process monitors measure and analyze temperature, pressure, flow and other processing parameters to maintain product quality and safe production operating conditions. They usually consist of sensors, cables, input terminals, and integrated software...
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    Tool Monitors - (30 companies)
    Tool monitors optimize machine tool operating conditions based on feedback from a sensor or probe. Tool monitors optimize machine tool operating conditions based on feedback from sensors or probes. They include monitoring sensors and instrumentation...
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    Safety Monitoring Systems - (74 companies)
    Safety monitoring systems monitor and collect information from machines and operations. If a safety fault occurs, they can signal an operator to take appropriate action, or perform the action automatically. Network safety systems include all...
    Oil in Water Monitors - (70 companies)
    Oil in water monitors are used to detect the presence of hydrocarbons in water. Oil in water monitors are used to detect the presence of hydrocarbons in water. General Information. Terminology. The meaning of the phrase "oil in water" is highly...
    Machine Controllers and Monitors - (239 companies)
    Machine controllers and monitors use electronic numeric control and monitoring interfaces for programming and calibrating computerized machinery. They are available in form factors such as card, desktop, DIN rail, embedded, handheld, panel mounted...
    Groundwater Monitoring Equipment - (38 companies)
    Groundwater monitoring equipment includes pumps and other instruments that tap into the water table for water quality assessment, testing for pollutants, and the identification of other compounds. Groundwater monitoring equipment can include...
    Thin Film Monitors - (55 companies)
    Thin film monitors are used to analyze and/or control thin film deposition rate, composition and properties. Thin film monitors such as quartz crystal microbalances, ellipsometers or spectrometers for in-situ monitoring are used to control thin film...
    Battery Monitors and Testers - (121 companies)
    Battery Monitors and Testers are electronic devices used to test, manage and monitor battery parameters such as voltage, current, charge, temperature, and others. Battery monitors and testers determine the health and operating capability...

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    Support all games(Play station boxiiC Game)convert to arcade CRT monitor , Auto scan input signal.
  • Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology
    As shown in Figure 2(b), arcade FPS game uses CRT display, and the display cannot be larger than 30 inches due to the limitation of CRT technology. .... The primary advantage of CRT monitors is their color rendering.
  • Building your own arcade game [Hands On]
    CRTs are rapidly becoming extinct, and no one makes large LED displays with the relatively tiny pixel counts that characterized early- generation arcade machines. .... If your favorite game (Battlezone, for example) ran on a vector monitor , you’re even further out of…
  • Mac OS X for Absolute Beginners
    Back when computers used cathode-ray tube ( CRT ) monitors , leaving the same image on the screen for long periods could literally burn that image into the glass screen. .... If you look at old arcade games or automated-teller machines, you can sometimes see this faint…
  • The History of Visual Magic in Computers
    …generated in a computer, and displaying graphics on a video device such as a TV or monitor . .... any electronic game (or program) displayed using any video output device, which includes the computer’s CRT display. .... means things like a game console and TV (although they are ambiguous about arcade games), and all…
  • Principles of Flight Simulation
    …a 60 ◦ field of view with a 28-in. monitor requires the monitor to be placed .... Although CRT displays were used in the early flight simulators,. .... their obvious limitations have restricted their application to amusement arcades .
  • Study on Photo‐Pattern Sensitivity in Patients with Electronic Screen Game–Induced Seizures (ESGS): Effects of Spatial Resolution, Brightness, and Pattern Move...
    The culprit monitors were predominantly television screens (10 cases, 59%), followed by portable LCDs (6), arcade games (2), and a computer display (1). .... Clinical analysis based on the results of CRT -pattern tests .
  • Problem with monitor
    A degaussing coil should be built into that monitor it is the bong sound you hear when .... However if you really want to repair it a arcade machine/TV technician that recaps CRT 's should be able to do that for you but it may cost you more then the cost of a new replacement.
  • LaserShoot: a natural shooting interface for FPS gaming using laser recognizable display
    The energy needed for the electron beam means that the monitors consume large energy and generate a .... Cons of large CRT display include (1) Very heavy and big, (2) Large amounts of energy consumption .... As shown in Fig. 2c, arcade FPS game also uses CRT display for its main display and…
  • Random and Raster: Display Technologies and the Development of Videogames
    Although all early arcade games used CRTs , those in vector-graphics games are wired differently than the ones in standard TVs. .... XY monitors use magnetic force.