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  • Network Processors-Image
    Network Processors - (26 companies)
    ...networking applications. Network processors share characteristics with many different implementation choices. An example of advanced network communications and processing architectures for avionics applications is the ARINC packet. This packet receives...
  • Network Gateways-Image
    Network Gateways - (400 companies)
    Network gateways interconnect networks with different, incompatible communication protocols. They perform a Layer-7 protocol-conversion to translate one set of protocols into another (for example, from TCP/IP to SNA or from TCP/IP to X.25).
  • Bus Analyzers and Bus Exercisers-Image
    Bus Analyzers and Bus Exercisers - (23 companies)
    Bus analyzers and bus exercisers are used to monitor and check the performance of a system bus.
  • Line Drivers-Image
    Line Drivers - (17 companies)
    Line drivers extend the transmission distance between terminals or computers connected along private lines or networks.
  • Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services-Image
    Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services - (2042 companies)
    Environmental consulting and engineering services provide design planning and assessment, project management, permit acquisition and other services.
    Satellite Communications Equipment - (170 companies)
    Satellite communications equipment is used for the transmission, conditioning, and reception of satellite signals in worldwide telecommunications.
    Patch Cables and Cords - (247 companies)
    Patch cables and cords are flexible cables that are terminated at both ends with a plug and used to interconnect circuits on patch panels. They are used with patch panels, groups of ports that connect lines between communications and electronic devices.
    Channel Service Units (CSU) and Data Service Units (DSU) - (40 companies)
    ...interface choices are RJ-48C, DB-15, DB-25, and BNC. DTE interface choices include V.35, RS442, RS530, DSX-1, X.21, HSS, ISDN port, and SCSI. Common features include integrated diagnostic tables and included management utilities. Utilities are used...
    Bus Analysis Software - (9 companies)
    ...the place of a COM port on a standard bus. Bus analysis software for other types of buses, backplanes and form factors is also available. Bus analysis software is used in MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC avionics applications. MIL-STD-1553 is a serial data bus which...
    Patch Panels - (221 companies)
    Patch panels are groups of ports used to connect lines between communications and electronic devices. Connections are made manually with small patch cords, and are easier to wire than automatic switches. Wireless patch panels are also available.

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  • Runtime Verification
    Based on the DSX , a domain expert can rapidly prototype a dynamic analysis that is decoupled from .... The first standard defined for ADNs has been ARINC 429 [1].