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  • Lasers in the automobile industry
    beam manipulation, both for CO2 lasers (via multi - axis robot arms with improved beam delivery efficiency) and Nd:YAG lasers (via fiber optics for high power beams), have increased the potential for laser welding.
  • Use of robotic equipment in a Canadian Used Nuclear Fuel Packing Plant
    The proposed robot laser welding system consists of a servo-controlled, multi - axis mechanical arm with a Laser Welding Head (LWH) mounted to the faceplate of the robot arm.
  • Manufacturing development of the NCSX modular coil winding forms and vacuum vessel
    Laser trackers and multi - axis measuring arms will be needed to measure the complex 3-dimensional surfaces.
  • Robot Guided Laser For Three-Dimensional
    Today, for the laser processing of such three-dimensional components, kinematically extensive multi - axis laser beam guiding system coupled to articulated arm robots are used, mainly for reasons of accessibility and flexibility.
  • A novel laser-based approach for cleaning contaminated metallic surfaces coupled with rapid residue analysis
    Terminal optics are available from the cleaning laser manufacturer (Figure 19) which interface with multi - axis , articulating arm robots.
  • Using a Nd:YAG laser and six axes robot to cut zinc-coated steel
    … was limited to 6 m/min for the following reasons: (1) this work considers the application of 3D cutting of curved automobile bodies and home appliances using a Nd:YAG laser beam delivered through an … … head mounted on a multi - axes robotic arm .
  • Industry News: Process Technology (December 2008)
    Both low power and high power fiber lasers can be integrated into the existing range of Delta Series or custom workstations with motion options including multi - axis orthogonal stages and six-axis robotic arms . Reading Alloys Inc., an …
  • Machine Vision Handbook
    See Modulation transfer function (MTF) Mud, 1285 Muff transform, 780 Multi- arm image conduit, 1353, 1478–1479 Multi - axis robots, 67, 251 Multi-branch search tree, 961 Multi … … Multiple filter holder, 251 Multiple internal reflections, 1474 Multiple laser stripes, 1463 Multiple parallel …
  • ZCP2010MST2752
    To enable the automatic guidance of a welding torch attached to a robot arm or a multi - axes positioning system along a groove to be welded, whose position and size can not be predicted in advance, a noncontact seam tracking device must … The laser -based machine vision system is used for seam tracking, adaptive fill control, and for post …
  • Beam shaping diffuser based fiber injection for increasing stability of industrial robotic laser applications
    In an attempt to improve the uniformity of the beam at the image target plane as well as to maintain the uniformity over a dynamic range of a multi - axes robotic arm a diffuser in conjunction with a traditional lens technique was … Within industrial laser thin film removal applications various new possibilities have opened up by introduction of laser …