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    Construction and Demolition Attachments - (298 companies) and used with heavy machinery to perform a task. Applications. Construction and demolition attachments are designed for use with construction, mining, forestry, and recycling machinery such as: Backhoes. Bulldozers. Compactors. Excavators. Motor...
  • Forklifts-Image
    Forklifts - (602 companies)
    Forklifts are used to engage, lift and transfer palletized loads. They can be divided into eight numbered classes and categorized by drive type. This product area also includes fork trucks.
  • Lifting and Rigging Attachments-Image
    Lifting and Rigging Attachments - (626 companies)
    Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist between the hook and the item to be lifted. Items include sling release systems, product specific lifters, clamps and grapples. Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist...
    Draglines - (13 companies)
    Draglines are a large excavating tool with a boom and bucket used for stripping overburden material in surface mining applications. Dragline excavators, known simply as draglines, are large excavating machines used for surface mining and terrain...
    Forklift Extensions - (34 companies)
    OSHA specifies that forklifts equipped with third party front-end attachments should be labelled according to OSHA 1910.178(a)(5) specifying the truck weight, load, and maximum elevation the load may be lifted when laterally centered. Standards. VDI...
    Thread Chasers and Thread Restorers - (145 companies)
    Thread Chasers and Tread Restoring tools are used to re-form or re-cut threads Thread chasers and thread restorers are used to form or cut screw threads. Threading tools and attachments are used with the taps that are used to cut the female thread...
    Excavating Services - (161 companies)
    Excavating services perform digging, earth moving, earthwork, land clearing, and topsoil removal services to prepare an area for construction or below-ground service activities. They use excavation equipment such as: bulldozers. drag line excavators...
    Trenchers - (16 companies)
    ...are either trencher machines which are for trenching-only operations, or attachments for skid-steer or other multi-use utility vehicles. To excavate trenches on the sea floor, trenching operations are conducted by a trenching barge (in shallow waters...
    Mowers - (64 companies)
    Mowers are used to cut grass, plants, small trees, and other ground-based vegetation. These machines include dedicated mowing machines and attachment boom, flail and deck mowers. How to Select Mowers. What is a Mower?. Mowers are used to cut grass...
    Hooks - (285 companies)
    Hooks are load-transmitting components that are most often used in conjunction with chains and other equipment. Products are designated as eye hooks, clevis hooks, or grab hooks and are used to connect lifting and rigging attachments. Hooks...

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  • Handbook of Industrial Robotics 2nd Edition Complete Document
    Carnegie-Mellon University also developed a robotic excavator prototype called REX, which used topography and a computer-generated map of buried objects to generate and execute appropriate trajectories for the mission. … to it automation is introduced, based on a manipulator with a vacuum gripper attached to its end … Housing material: zinc diecast .
  • Materials Processing and Manufacturing III
    The authors greatly appreciate SAMWOO DIECAST CO., LTD. for the experimental supports and implementations. … of the forklift cockpit design can be generalized to other vehicles, such as excavators , trucks and even … … 900 high temperature reusable surface insulation tile and a strain isolation pad (SIP) attached to the underlying …
  • Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering
    Environmentally compatible lubri- cating oils are increasingly being used, for example, in motor vehicles and equipment in water protec- tion areas and in hydraulic engineering, in vehicles for agriculture and forestry, and in openly running gears with loss lubrication ( excavators , mills). … order right- to-left from the main designation of the bearing and are attached to it by … A basic requirement of high-purity alloys is that the iron content of diecast parts is lim …
  • Handbook of Green Chemicals
    Uses: Antiwear agent, lubricant, rust/corrosion inhibitor for hydraulic pumps and gears, bearings, drilling rigs and equip., marine dredges, forestry excavators … agent for cleaning and degreasing soft metal surfaces, incl. aluminum, brass, copper, and diecast alloys, glass, plastics … … anionically flocculating with aluminum sulfate due to affinity for cellulose; produces flocs which attach to fibers and …
  • iF yearbook product 2007
    The two of versions and wall-mounted-ar maggot of diecast , suspended, aluminum. The salient feature of i24 is itself the high illumination powers whereat the special and completely ungewOhnliche … Dieserv611igneue approach in matters design, power and programming speed offers and other the representation of all elements … The product Product 38Z3 compact-tracked excavator Compact track excavator .
  • Automation Equipment and Systems
    The Integrated Testing System for Performance Parameters of the Hydraulic Excavator The outlet of throttle valve and safety valve are attached to the tank, that is to say … [4] Information on diecast /tmr/6/6.htm .
  • Corrosion News and Views
    … is carried out by a coring drill combined with a purpose built vacuum excavator and high pressure … The anodes are then attached to the pipe using a specially designed process of long reach brazing. Retrocat is designed for an initial protection potential of 15-20 years for ductile iron, but this … Though the use of diecast bodies for petrol pumps, carburettors, windscreen wiper gearboxes, brake cylinders, and sensor …
  • NEWS
    and has been used to replicate the look and feel of diecast A fine alloy coat is applied initially and rubbed down lightly to prepare for the coarser final … Specialised test- ing equipment includes an environ- mental chamber within the cavity of a spectrometer reflectance attach- ment that permits testing over varied environmental conditions. excavators .