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  • Environmental decontamination
    An accessory case carries a small audio cassette recorder for data storage .
    • Drug and Narcotic Test Kit, Detects Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, LSD, and Psilosybin, Features The Nik Narcotic Identification Kit Contains 60 Tests, Audio Training Cassette Tape, Polytesting Instruction Manual, Plastic Carrying Case , Storage Box, Number of Tests 60, Package Quantity…
  • Psychodynamically based approaches to emotional disturbance
    DUSO-R is an instructional kit in a storage case containing an in- depth Teacher's Guide, story books, audio cassettes , activity cards, dis- cussion pictures, hand puppets, duplicating master activity sheets, and materials to be sent home to parents.
  • Magnetic Recording Storage
    This device emerged specifically to meet the requirements of data storage rathler than as in the case of the cassette , a medium adopted from audio recording practice.
  • Fast Design, Slow Innovation
    In both these cases the sound and image data are stored and invoked together, rather than kept separately and indexed to each other, as with the audio - cassette or the CD album.
  • TRS-80 With A Keccak Sponge Cake
    The use of audio transport from the modern PC, in this instance through the .WAV format introduced by IBM and Microsoft in 1991, to emulate audio cas- sette storage (and revive BASIC commands such … epochs in time, is a case in point.
  • Technology Guide
    In the field of audio playback, the cassette tape and MiniDisc (MD) have been replaced by MP3 players with, or, in most cases , without recording function. .... these devices work without any moving parts and the music data are simply stored on flash semicon…
  • Modern Plastics Handbook > Plastics Recycling and Biodegradable Plastics
    PS recycling from audio and video cassettes , CD jewel cases , and insulation board increased almost 70% between 1994 and 1996. .... 76 Another source of recycled polystyrene is clothing hangers used by department stores .
  • Abstracts of scientific papers second international symposium on central nervous system monitoring
    Except in the case of ambulatory EEG cassette recording, in which transmission and storage are intimately linked, the method of EEG storage need not depend on the technique of data transmission. .... paper write-out, EEG recording/ storage on videotapes might make use of the audio channel of the…
  • Dispositivo simple y económico para medir latidos del corazón en aves durante la incubación
    However, these devices required specialized elec- trical equipment and expertise and, in the case of dummy eggs .... Additionally, these stethoscope and dummy egg systems used analog formats with data stored on audio cassettes , video cas- settes, or paper charts.