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  • Distortion and Source Impedance in JFET-input Op Amps
    Designers of low-distortion analog circuits in industrial data acquisition, seismic measurement, and high-fidelity audio are aware that many operational amplifiers (op amps) produce greater distortion when configured as non-inverting amplifiers. This article evaluates the distortion characteristics
  • About Power Ratings
    the power rating mean something different for a power op amp? In the audio amplifier market there are many definitions for the power ratings of an amplifier but they all relate to the power that can be delivered to the load (speakers) and the rating always relates to sine wave signals to the load. DC
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    SRAM duties CVD Equipment expects 40% growth in tool sales during 2000 New Orders & Design Wins TDK offers 3.3/5-volt versions of line interface transceivers GaAs crystal discovery eases chip fab modeling India readies laws to protect IC layouts, designs Microchip unveils smaller 2.7-V op amp