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  • Wire and Cable Strippers-Image
    Wire and Cable Strippers - (242 companies)
    There are several variations of cutting methods for blade-bearing stripping tools. The most common method of wire stripping is a clamping die that separates a segment of insulation. Stripping wheels rely on high-speed wire or fiberglass wheels to abrade...
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    Wire Cutting Machines - (51 companies)
    ...cutting machines are automatic or semi-automatic machines that provide precise cutting of wire and cables. A wire cutting machine typically feeds the wire in on a reel, marks the wire using an inkjet or hot stamp printing mechanism, cuts the wire...
  • Sanders and Sanding Machines-Image
    Sanders and Sanding Machines - (303 companies)
    ...deburring or stripping, and wafer thinning or backgrinding. Specifications. Specifications for sanders and sanding machines include: mounting style. rotary speed. surface or linear speed. power. current. driver technology and motor voltage. phase...
  • Plasma Welding Equipment-Image
    Plasma Welding Equipment - (163 companies)
    ...welding consists of machines operated via CNC or robotics. Automatic welding is defined by having all the welding parameters are controlled and manual adjustments cannot be made during welding. Robotic welding uses a robot that can be pre-programmed...
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    Pliers - (239 companies)
    Pliers (plyers) are handheld, manually-powered hand tools, often employing serrated jaws, designed for holding, cutting, bending, or manipulation of tough or difficult materials such as wire, sheet metal, or fine machine components. Pliers (plyers...
    Press Brakes - (262 companies)
    Applications. Press brakes are common machine tools in any industry or application that requires folding or bending metal sheet or strips. Some common examples include: Electrical -- enclosures. Machine tool -- machine enclosures and doors, coolant...
    Solder - (239 companies)
    ...melting point than the metals being joined. Soldering creates a "reasonably permanent" seal, meaning that the joint should hold unless the seal is intentionally reversed by desoldering. The image below shows the manual soldering of a stripped wire...
    Reelers and Dereelers - (33 companies)
    ...analogous items. Multiple station: In comparison to the turntable option, this unit has multiple stations for reel placement instead of one. Compensating: A compensating mechanism stops over-runs when linked to a wire cutter or a cut and strip machine...
    Welding Alloys - (324 companies)
    ...shield. The flux core also incorporates deoxidizing and denitriding agents that improve the weld strength and durability. FCAW alloys are wire fed alloys with a flux core used for automatic and semi-automatic welding processes. FCAW is the preferred...
    Laser Cutting and Welding Machines - (270 companies)
    ...tubes, pipes, wires, rods, tapes, adhesives, films, or textiles. Some laser cutting and welding machines include a computer interface or integral software. Other systems include motorized heads, guidance modules or robotic arms, gantry tables, pallets...

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