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  • Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers-Image
    Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers - (249 companies)
    Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers are passive receivers that display the signal in the form of easily identifiable data. Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers display raw, unprocessed signal information such as voltage, power, period, wave...
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    Optical Spectrum Analyzers - (67 companies) perform per-channel analysis of the optical signal and its spectral interaction with the other wavelengths. Applications. Applications for optical spectrum analyzers include testing devices lasers and LED light sources for spectral purity and power...
  • Digital LED Displays-Image
    Digital LED Displays - (398 companies)
    Digital LED displays are segmented or dot matrix displays allowing for numeric only and alphanumeric character representation. Image Credit: Autonics USA, Inc. Light emitting diodes (LED) are PN junction devices that give off light radiation when...
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)-Image
    Light Emitting Diodes (LED) - (622 companies)
    Wavelength or Color. The wavelength or color is usually one of the most important criteria when selecting an LED. The wavelength emitted by the diode can be within the visible, infrared, or ultraviolet spectrum. Multicolored LEDs can emit a range or number...
  • Oscilloscopes-Image
    Oscilloscopes - (294 companies)
    Oscilloscopes translate an electronic signal into a pattern or waveform on a screen. As it is traced across the screen, the waveform creates a signature of the signal's characteristics.
    LED Lamps - (759 companies)
    LED lamps are light emitting diode arrays with traditional lamp ballasts. Image Credit: StellarNet, Inc. | | D & N Electronics. LED lamps are electric lights that use one or more arrays of light-emitting diodes (LEDs...
    Audio Analyzers - (43 companies)
    Audio analyzers measure the noise and audio spectrum of output from an amplifier or a stereo. Types. There are three basic product types: analog. digital. converter-based. Analog audio analyzers use analog hardware to generate signals and analog...
    Power Meters - (374 companies)
    Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC circuits.
    LED Drivers - (222 companies)
    LED drivers control the amount of current and voltage supplied to light emitting diodes (LEDs), when in operation. LED drivers control the amount of current and voltage supplied to light emitting diodes (LEDs). An LED driver IC is an integrated...
    Logic Analyzers - (74 companies)
    Logic analyzers are used to characterize and debug hardware, design and test firmware and software, and perform synthesis integration. Logic analyzers are devices used to monitor the performance of computers or to diagnose problems in other...

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  • Development of a SNLP marker from the Pi-ta blast resistance gene by tri-primer PCR
    Operationally, several major R genes with overlapping resistance spectra are needed for effective protection. .... Pi-ta prevents infections of M. grisea strains containing AVR -Pita. .... Further investigation in the Pi-ta and AVR-Pita interaction will lead to a better under- standing … inant Pi-ta gene markers were not suitable for high- throughput automated sequence analyzers (Jia et al…
  • Pulsed operation of (Al,Ga,In)N blue laser diodes
    The mask used contained light emitting diode ( LED ) test structures. .... Optronics calibrated silicon detector or coupled into a monochromator equipped with a photomultiplier tube to measure spectra . .... Pulses were generated by an Avtech AVR -C pulse generator driven by art HP 8116A pulse/function generator. .... Spectral data were time averaged using an ANDO AQ-6315E optical spectrum analyzer with resolution of 0…
  • Rhythm Analysis of Arterial Blood Pressure
    …Spectral analysis of pressure data was done using a fast Fourier transform FFT analyzer (Ono Sokki, Tokyo). .... Each spectrum presented represents the average of between 8 and 64 consecutive 512 point FFT's. .... ECG leads II and aVr were re- corded from the surface.
  • A Virtual Keypad Based on Alternate Half-Field Stimulated Visual Evoked Potentials
    AVR . .... The difference between the two signals is amplified with a dynamic common-mode signal rejection, low-pass filtered, sampled and sent to the spectrum analyzer by means of a Bluetooth® radio interface. .... 1s) and the possibility of SBR fluctuations around the threshold value (which would lead to multiple detections…
  • Antibacterial oil‐based polyurethane films for wound dressing applications
    …with the addi- tion of metal-organic components such as cobalt octoate and lead naphthenate as catalyst .... For preparation of Biocera AVR -containing polymer films (0.5–10 wt %), Biocera AVR was first dispersed .... 1 H-NMR spectra were obtained in CDCl3 using a 250 MHz Bruker spectrometer. .... The TGA studies were carried out using a TA Q50 analyzer , by heating from room temperature to…
  • Commissioning of a power system stabiliser using a dynamic signal analyser
    The DSA is a two channel FFT spectrum /network analyser with a frequency rangethat extends from nearly dc tojust over 100 KHz. .... This can lead to improvements in the overall stability of the generating unit. .... This stabilising signal is adjusted in phase and amplitude to producethe stabilising output signal to the AVR .
  • Angle-tuned etalon filters for optical channel selection in high density wavelength division multiplexed systems
    The spectrum of the transmitted signal is measured with an optical spec- trum analyzer . .... The spectral response of these etalons was measured with an LED (center wavelength of 1535 nm and .... AVR .
  • Enhanced harmonic injection for determination of harmonic loss in induction machines
    …into account, the conductor loss, which dominatesthe low frequency end of the harmonic spectrum , quickly diminishes to .... It has been suggested that skin effect in the motor laminations may eventually lead to iron loss … To do this the inverter is fed from a separate alternator with an AVR detectingthe dc link … since fbndamental voltage is important, Fourier analysis extracts its amplitude in the power analyser used during the…
  • Two generation modes of a laser diode module
    To get more accurate and clear information on temperature LDM spectrum development an analyser based on holographic grating had been designed and realised. .... The thermostat is based on ATMEL RISC AVR AT90S2313 processor and DALLAS DS1820 temperature sensor. .... To display the temperature four-figure LED has been used.
  • Platform for studying of pulse code modulation
    …analog-to-digital converter (AD0808) are continuously displayed with an set of 8 leds and the afferent .... This board was implemented around the Atmel AT90USB1287 AVR microcontroller. .... The experimental board has multiple measurement points which can be used by the students to visualize and analyze significant waveforms using an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer .