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  • index.sense (
    … 00:: 12627121 1 0 asteroid%5:93:00:angular:00 02116029 1 0 asteroid_ belt %1:50:08 … … august_querfurt%1:76:08:: 31644716 1 0 august_rodin%1:18:01:: 36135151 1 0 august_ sander %1:55:08 … … 0 axle_grease%1:84:08:: 21664684 1 0 axletree%1:27:13:: 03780195 1 0 axminster %1:26:12 …
  • Langford's Technical and Commercial Dictionary
    … blast. machine f. a s Sandpapierma- schine f.; Sandpapierschleifmas.chine f. = sanding machine; sander ; sand- polishing machine. Gurt m. : Riemen m. = strap: band; belt j webbing. s de chanvre Hanfgurt m. = hemp strap. s … pich m. = AsIa Minormrpet. t d' Ax- minster Axminsterteppkh m. = Ax- minster carpet. t chenille Raupentep- pkh m.; Chenilileteppich m. = che- nille ,carpet. t double; t Aouble pli .
  • Advances in Mechatronics and Control Engineering
    The CNC carpet proofer designed in this paper overcome the limitations of the traditional Axminster carpet proofing. [20] Felix Putze, Peter Sanders , Johannes Singler, “Cache-, Hash- and Space-Efficient Bloom Filters”, in 6th International … … Jinshang, piedmont of Xizhoushan, platform hilly area of Jiulonggang, urban river ecological protection belt and area where …
  • Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods, 9th Edition
    … six colors, print-dyed tufted carpets compare favorably in appearance with Wiltons and Axminsters but are cheaper … Grinders and sanders are useful in removing old paint, rust, or mill scale on small surfaces and … Moving walks consist of moving belts installed either horizontally or on a slant.
    … breast were two body-shaped armour plates, hung from the shoulders and held together by leather belts . Axminster in one day. John Cox’s and Christopher Sanders ’ guts out, and to abscond with his militia .
  • Current Research in Acupuncture
    Sander JW, Shorvon SD Head’s allergy belt showed that the cor- responding allergy area of certain viscera, was similar to the … … in Fig. 22.7 were performed with the LDF-monitor DRT4 (Moore Instruments Ltd., Millwey, Axminster , UK).
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers
    There are four main types of Axminster looms: Spool, Gripper, Gripper-Spool, and Chenille (Complete textile glossary … … in extrusion of pipe and profiles, consisting of two driven and counter-rotating belts , having an elongated … Orbital Pad Sander n A portable sanding machine consisting of a backup pad that moves in small …
  • Dermatotoxicology
    … reaction was recorded by LDF (laser Doppler blood flow monitor, MBF3D, Moor Instruments, Axminster , England, Acaderm, Menlo … The proposed method is similar to the one employed by Lovell and Sanders (1992). Air bags therefore provide further protection for belted front-seat occupants in moderate-to-severe frontal or …
  • Cereal Genomics
    The belt (darker area) stretching from western Sudan to Senegal is supposed to be the centre of … ‘ Axminster ’/8*Pm1 channels, insufficiently selective for K+ (Amtmann and Sanders , 1999).
  • Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVI
    … lateral temporal window using a 0.9 mm diameter probe (DRT4, Moor Inst., Axminster , UK) in the … … Igor Fierens, Kevin Broad, Jane Hassell, Go Kawano, Jamshid Rostami, Gennadij Raivich, Robert Sanders , Nicola Robertson, and … … can be easily deployed on the human calf or arms with a elastic belt to hold the …