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  • Role of Adhesives in Electric Vehicle Battery Assembly
    The powerful Li-Ion battery packs of today's modern electric vehicles rely on a wide variety of technologies to ensure the best possible driving experience. Gasketing and structural bonding play a key role in delivering a battery that is efficient, durable and maximizes performance, while
  • Battery Cell Assembly Adhesive: LOCTITE (R) AA 3963
    Fast and flexible Li-ion battery cell assembly system solution
  • Optimizing Battery System Module Assembly with Structural Adhesives
    With global automakers making battery electric vehicles (BEV) a top priority, the key to accelerating the lagging consumer adoption rate is addressing end consumer demands such as longer battery ranges, lower EV prices and quieter interior cabins.
    Part and parcel of the use of advanced manufacture are the rapid growth of battery holder types to include Retainers, Contacts, Clips, Snap-ons and Snap-ins for Coin Cell and Button-cell types as well as Strap assemblies for Dual and Multiple Holders. Add to these in-series or parallel
  • Simple Battery Pack Assembly & Robust, Efficient Batteries with Norseal (R) PF Compression Pads
    The electric vehicle (EV) revolution continues unabated. In 2008, there were fewer than 500 EV charging stations in the United States; as of last year, there are over 47,000. As recently as 10 years ago, North American car buyers had just four battery or fuel-cell electric car models to choose from
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger using the PIC14C000
    software is written in ?C? for maintainability and transportability. Where necessary, in line assembly is used. This application note is intended to demonstrate the use of the PIC14C000 in an intelligent battery charger. The charger is designed to charge a sealed lead-acid battery (YUASA NP7-12 12V, 7AH
  • Factors Affecting PACK Discharge Capacity of Lithium-ion Batteries
    Lithium ion battery PACK is an important product that conducts electrical performance test after screening, grouping, grouping and assembly of the cell, and determines whether the capacity and pressure difference are qualified.
  • Why is Moisture Measurement Critical in Lithium-ion Battery Manufacture?
    Cleanliness is essential to the production process of Lithium-ion batteries, particularly for the anode and cathode coating, which needs to be carried out in two separate clean rooms as the materials cannot be allowed to come into contact with each other. The electrolyte filling must also
  • Using Cymbet TM EnerChip TM Batteries Instead of Coin Cells and Super Capacitors (.pdf)
    , the leader in thin film rechargeable micro-batteries. Cymbet TM EnerChip TM thin film, solid state batteries feature all solid state construction, are packaged in standard integrated circuit packages, and can be reflow soldered for high volume PCB assembly. They are ideal as rechargeable backup power
  • Benefits of Using Micro Pumps and Miniature Valves in Sidestream Capnography
    This paper provides readers with an overview of the design challenges involved with Capnography Equipment. These challenges include the increased need to make portable devices that deliver instant accurate results, operate on batteries and simplify component assembly. The paper also discusses
  • Thermal interface materials for next-generation electronics
    of products, inclusive of battery packs, connected components, data storage systems, display systems, power electronics, automotive electronics, and other electronic assemblies. Thermal interface materials (TIMs) play a vital role in addressing these thermal limitations.
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    batteries continued Friday as Hitachi Corp. said it will recall 16,000 laptop battery packs made by Sony Corp. Amkor threatens Chapter 11, report says Semiconductor test and assembly services provider Amkor Technology has threatened to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection if bond holders try

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