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  • Effects of Temperature on VRLA Battery Performance
    We would like to think the VRLA battery would have an infinite life - especially if it is not being "used" (cycled) and only remains on continuous charge being maintained for eventual use. However, this is not the case. The typical VRLA battery will eventually decline in capacity and fail due
  • The Dangers of Aftermarket Counterfeit Battery Packs
    The continuing growth of portable handheld devices has. spawned a healthy selection of aftermarket battery pack. suppliers. The ownership period of an individual portable. device often exceeds the cycle life of the original battery. This. is especially true for medical, industrial and military
  • The Critical Nature Of Stationary Battery Maintenance
    on a regularly scheduled basis, unplanned failures can be eliminated and the life cycle of the battery can be extended to its fullest potential, maximizing the performance of the entire battery system and keeping costs down.
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger using the PIC14C000
    as needed to maintain the full charge. The constant current design is also easily adaptable to NiCd batteries. As voltage rises during the charge cycle of the lead-acid battery, it quickly passes 2.1 V/cell. As charging progresses, oxygen begins to be liberated at the posi-tive plates at 2.2 V/cell
  • Using the MCP1631 Family to Develop Low-Cost Battery Chargers
    AN1137 Using the MCP1631 Family to Develop Low-Cost Battery Chargers COMMON CHARGE PROFILES Author: Terry Cleveland Microchip Technology Inc. NiMH Charge Profile INTRODUCTION Figure 1 shows a typical charge profile for NiMH batteries. The charge cycle begins once a battery is As portable
  • Battery Filling
    REQUIREMENT:To provide instantaneous, repeatable and long cycle life shutoff.
  • Selecting the Right Battery System for Cost-Sensitive Portable Applications While Maintaining Excellent Quality
    , the battery life gies that are available today, portable electronic cycle is a minimal concern for customers and manufac- designers are trying to integrate more features into turers. The operating duration, package size and over- thinner and smaller form-factors while maximizing the all system weight
  • Developing An Advanced, Predictive Battery Health Monitoring Solution With A Low-cost Microcontroller Solution
    in the case of UPS and telecom systems, the cost associated with the deliberate disconnection from AC mains, in conjunction with the long recharge cycle times that some of these batteries can have, drives theneed for a more non-invasive fault prediction and monitoring solution. By taking advantage

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