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    Liquid Handling Pumps - (2265 companies)
    ...without damaging the pump. Piston/Plunger. Positive displacement, reciprocating. One or more double acting pistons or single acting plungers, sealed with o-rings against cylinder walls. Water and other thin liquids. Piston pumps specifically recommended...
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    Piston Pumps and Plunger Pumps - (573 companies)
    Piston pumps and plunger pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps that use a plunger or piston to move media through a cylindrical chamber. Piston pumps and plunger pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps that use a plunger...
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    Piston Rings - (102 companies)
    Piston rings are used for sealing cylinders. They can work at higher temperatures than elastomeric, fabric, or polymer seals. Description. Piston rings are used for sealing cylinders. They can work at higher temperatures than elastomeric, fabric...
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    Hydraulic Pumps - (661 companies)
    Hydraulic pumps deliver high-pressure fluid flow to the pump outlet. Hydraulic pumps are powered by mechanical energy sources to pressurize fluid. Hydraulic pumps are positive displacement pumps which pressurize hydraulic fluid in order to do work...
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    Water Pumps - (846 companies)
    Water pumps move water that does not contain suspended solids or particulates. Applications include water supply, irrigation, land and mine drainage, sea water desalination, and condensate transport. Water pumps move water that does not contain...
    Hand Pumps and Foot Pumps - (279 companies)
    ...a reciprocating or rotary mechanism. Most rotary types use a drive rather than a lever or crank. In reciprocating type hand pumps, a hydraulic or pneumatic piston is used to create the pressure needed to move the media. Hydraulic pumps - pumps which...
    Mud Pumps - (84 companies)
    Mud pumps are large, reciprocating pumps that are used to circulate the mud on a drilling rig. A typical mud pump is a double- or triple-acting, two- or three-cylinder piston pump whose pistons travel in replaceable liners and are driven...
    Centrifugal Pumps - (1148 companies)
    Centrifugal pumps consist of a set of rotating vanes, enclosed within a housing or casing, that are used to impart energy to a fluid through centrifugal force. Centrifugal pumps are dynamic pumps which move fluids through a system using one or more...
    Positive Displacement Pumps - (666 companies)
    Positive displacement pumps use a mechanical force such as gears, bladders, pistons, plungers or diaphragms to push liquid through and out of the pump. Positive displacement pumps are a category of pumps designed to move fluid at a steady rate...
    Mechanical Vacuum Pumps and Systems - (245 companies)
    Mechanical vacuum pumps and systems contain devices such as pistons, claws, scrolling spirals, and diaphragms to isolate and compress air. Mechanical pumps generate vacuum by acting on the viscous properties of the gas or fluid being evacuated using...

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  • Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology III
    The Structure And Working Principle Of The Piezoelectric Cantilever Bean Diaphragm Pump As it can be seen in Fig. 1, the piezoelectric cantilever diaphragm consists of vibration piston , vibration rod, beryllium cantilever, piezoelectric ceramics, adjustable pressing mean, and the rail-formed vibrating …
    Water was metered into the second barrel section by a variable stroke piston pump (Model N-P 32,Bran and Luebbe, Buffalo Grove, IL) to adjust the moisture content of the bean flour undergoing extrusion to 20% (wwb).
  • Biofuels in Brazil
    … Brazil, several oils have been directly tested in motors (e.g., babassu, castor bean , palm oil, Jatropha … However, research has shown that direct use causes adverse effects on engines, such as problems in pumping , atomization, gumming, and piston ring sticking.
    The hydraulic piston was manually pumped until the light went on, indicating a constant penetration of the perfor- ated plate through the soybean sample. The maximum pressuredevelopedwasrelated to the tendernessof the bean .
  • TCE plume remediation via ISCR‐enhanced bioremediation utilizing EHC® and KB‐1®
    An air-powered piston pump was not effective in delivering the slurry. After trial and error, a hydraulic-powered Bean pump generating a maximum of 600 psi was found …
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  • Biochemical and physiological attempts with plants
    fresh, unbeschattete sheets e.g. of lilac (Syringa vulgaris), garden bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) or pea (Pisum sativum). 3 beakers (2 x 100 mls, 1 x 250 mls) 2, measuring piston (250 mls), sucking test tube with perforated plug, water jet pump , stoppering drill (tube diameter e.g. 6 mms), small polystyrene foam plate, glass Petri dish halves, spatulas, tweezer …
  • WNGlosses (\
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  • HPLC‐ELSD determination of kanamycin B in the presence of kanamycin A in fermentation broth
    Soya beans were provided by Qifa of Shangdong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Jinan, China). Chromatographic separations were carried out on a Shimadzu VP Series HPLC (Shimadzu, Japan) modular system consisting of a DGU- 14A Online Vacuum-Degasser, a LC-10 AD VP microdouble piston pump , a 7725 iRheodyne manual sample injector equipped with a 20 μL …
  • Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications
    … 314–315 legumes, 311 Maillard reaction products, 311 meat and meat products, 313 milk and milk proteins, 315 pasta, grain, and baked products, 315 peanuts and almonds, 313–314 Heat- pump -assisted dryer (HPD) atmospheric … … 133–135 in roasting chambers bean -hardware heat exchange, 183 … … kinetic energy, 46–47 globule aggregation and coalescence, 48 principal design of, 45–46 single- piston pump, 42–43 transient …