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  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crossed Roller Bearing (.pdf)
    For the lack of the right bearing, the kingdom of ever-faster microprocessors might have been lost. But this story has a happy ending. Technical achievements in microprocessor manufacturing, diagnostic equipment and automation have demanded increasingly more precise motion control. Whether
  • When space is at a premium
    , support radial loads. Needle rollers go between the cup bore (outer raceway) and shaft OD (inner raceway). Most applications depend on a housing press-fit to both size and locate the bearing. The design can accommodate seals, additional oil holes, and hold grease, if needed. Drawncup bearings
  • How to Process Bearings with Cobra Solid Lubricants
    the space between the inner and outer races for the width of the bearing. Excess graphite is cleaned off the bearing and the bearing is put through a special run-in process. Bearings are then cleaned and quality checked. If the CSL product is to include EP or EPN, it will go through addition
  • Talk About Shaft and Housing Fits and Roundness
    When ball bearings have been processed with CSL, the CSL fills the entire space between the inner and outer race for the width of the bearing. It will mold around the cage and form to the geometry of that space. Since the graphite is a non-flexible solid, its roundness is determined
  • About Cobra Solid Lubricant (CSL)
    within the bearing. The solidified mixture will fill nearly 100% of the space between the inner and outer races of the bearing, encapsulating the balls or rollers and the cage.
  • What is a moment load?
    National Precision Bearing offer engineered solutions for space and weight limited applications.
  • Hydrodynamic Bearings
    temperature rise and power loss. When the required oil flow is determined, an estimate should be made as to whether the required amount of oil is drawn through the clearance space in the bearing. Minimum film thickness is often shown on design charts and is found from (1 - = bearing clearance. However
  • New spin on spindle bearings
    lubricant away and allow the bearing to rust or wear prematurely and possibly seize. Labyrinth seals are probably the most common way to keep contaminants out. Spindle labyrinth seals may include an external splashguard followed by a narrow gap, a large drainage chamber, and, space permitting, more gaps
  • Flexible Couplings Give Power Transmission Designs an Edge
    "Motor shafts and driven shafts are never perfectly aligned." That may be a pretty strong. statement, but unless you have a deep budget and your equipment is destined for a space. telescope or a nanoscale manufacturing facility, tolerance stacking and assembly accuracy will create misalignment
  • Triple-R (Reliability, Robustness, Resilience) Case Study
    Being an industry leader in the wireless space, characteristics such as robustness, resilience, and reliability are inherent to all Airbee's products. These characteristics make Airbee's products readily field deployable. The wireless sensor networks are deployed in remote locations and extremely
  • Medical Device Link .
    Space-Saving Equipment Mills Small Parts Based on the micromachine tool technology concept that a small part should be manufactured on small machines specifically designed for microscale manufacturing, a micromilling machine is 7 -10 times smaller than its competitors, according to its manufacturer
  • Pressure Transmitter Delivers Exceptional Performance for Off- Highway Application
    Made to perform in rugged conditions and challenging terrain, off-highway equipment has become increasingly sophisticated and versatile. As a result, the control systems of these heavy-duty machines have also become more complex. But additional control system functionality means less space
  • Know your thrust bearings
    pump to provide oil-film pressure when simple, internal hydrodynamic pumping action cannot generate sufficient force. Primary use is in equipment run at extremely low speeds, under high loads, with low viscosity fluids, or where space is limited. A compact thrust bearing can feed high-pressure oil

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