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  • Bearing Support Configurations Used to Create End Fixity
    End fixity refers to the method by which the ends of the screws are supported.
  • OHLA TM Overhung Load Adaptors Provide Motor Bearing Support in Rugged Forestry Shredders
    Plymouth, Minnesota: Forestry shredders used to reduce trees and shrubs to mulch employ Zero-Max OHLA Overhung Load Adaptors in their rotor power trains. Located between the hydraulic motor and cutters, the OHLA's provide load support to prevent bearing wear to the motor.
  • Ball Bearing Radial Play (Internal Clearance)
    At first glance, ball bearings are relatively simple mechanisms. However, an analysis of their internal geometries reveals that they are quite complex. For example, the ball to raceway conformity, the radial play, and the number of balls all impact the ability a ball bearing to support loads under
  • Bearing Mounting
    For instrument bearings, certain special considerations should be emphasized: Accurate axial positioning of the shaft relative to the housing requires shoulders, snap rings, or bearing flanges. Diameter of a shaft or housing shoulder must be sufficient to ensure solid seating and support
  • Bearing Wear
    very slowly. Wear occurs during start-up and slowdown when speed is too low to produce sufficient fluid pressure to support the bearing surfaces on a lubricant film. If hard debris imbeds in a babbitt or plastic bearing and protrudes above the bearing surface, the journal can wear seriously during
  • Slimmed-Down Magnetic-Bearing Systems Fit More Rotating Machinery Applications
    Smaller, streamlined electronics make lubricant-free, low-friction magnetic bearings feasible for more rotating machines. * Magnetic bearings support rotating shafts in five axes without solid or fluid lubricants. * Advances in electronics allow previously bulky controllers to mount on or near
  • Bearing Swap: If You Can't Take the Chill, Get Out of the Cooler
    MatTop chain from , Milwaukee, moves the filled containers through the coolers. The 2.2-lb/sq-ft chain is supported by 5-in.-diameter stainless-steel rollers with 0.75-in. shafts, on 6-in. centers and travels at 4 to 5 fpm. Bearings support the 100-lb rollers, the chain, and food on the conveyor
  • Slick as a whistle, hard as a rock
    nickel-phosphorous alloys when electrolessly plated, and after heat treatment is harder than chrome. Nibron evenly coats even the most complex structure, such as this engine bearing support for an airplane. Electronic housings coated with Nibron resist wear. Ametallic coating of nickel, thallium

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