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  • Development of a technology for producing quenched cullet for foam glass manufacture
    In contrast to diato- mite these conditioned materials, requiring no additional pro- cessing, enter the plant in soft, non-reusable containers, which are unloaded by means of the overhead hoist and big - bag debagging stations 7, 8 and 9.
  • Nasal cavity and Jacobsonsches organ
    Zwisehen of both types are the Jaeob-s'onsehen it therefore a large difference zwisehen the organs of the Prototherien and the bag animals what Siiugetieren on one fitting winches of a large group yon sehliessen litsst.
  • Application of Micro-fine Cement for the Sequential Zonal Abandonment of a Multi-Zone Sand Propped Fractured Horizontal Well With Coiled Tubing - Lab Studies, ...
    To prevent the big bag handling skid to fall over in case of a big bag being landed in an uncontrolled way the skid is tied down to the deck using chain hoists .
  • BIG BAG handling.
    Use of BIG BAGs in the food industry is discussed, in relation to rational filling operations (volumetric filling, gravimetric filling … … with upstream weigher) and rational emptying (emptying station, standard emptying station, emptying station with integrated chain hoist , emptying with discharge support …
  • Center healings of mixed content
    … reindeer on it therefore of me immediately through an attempt mi6 on lime water on visualized Rath in a large barrel with a Stiickchen … … then covered a wet bag flax cloth and dariiber … … clear water (mittelst a jack and through rise) of …
  • Specialist doctor knowledge HNO medical science
    … musculature, origins, of the M. medius: Pars chondropharyngea of the small hyoid horn, Pars ceratopharyngea constrictor pharyngis of the large hyoid horn, origins, of … … cartilage ▬ 3 larynx jacks (Mm. levatores pharyngis): - M … … of Braus how "the bag is pulled over filled …
  • WNSamples (\
    … finally tugged the cart out of the mud|horse_N finally_R tug_V cart_N mud_N 01453433_V|He dragged the big suitcase behind him|drag_V big _J suitcase_N 01453433_V|These worries … … 01453718_V|Can you shlep this bag of potatoes upstairs?|shlep_V … … tug_V freighter_N harbor_N 01455184_V| hoist the bicycle onto the …
  • data.verb (
    08 00 + 09 00 + 10 00 + 11 00 | pull, as against a resistance; "He dragged the big suitcase behind him"; "These worries … … resistance; "Can you shlep this bag of potatoes upstairs?" … … 01151591 35 v 03 hoist 0 lift 1 wind …
  • Surgery
    Pockets , Luxationsverletzungen 796 TASC classification, aortoiliakale closures 450 T drainage after Kehr 693 tea … … combustions 913 tetraiodothyronine (T4) 501 Tetraparese 225 Tetraplegie 204 TGA 7 transposition of large arteries TGF-α/β (transforming … … drainage 311, 313-314- jack -principle 314, postoperative, Hautinzision …
  • Vaulters lexicon physiotherapy
    ryonalen development top and lower jaws, auditory ossicles, palatine bone and muscles larynx narrowness → Isthmus faucium larynx jack m (E elevator of faucial isthmus and larynx); muscles … … shorten: M. constrictor pharyngis superior, medius et inferior larynx pocket syndrome → DiGeorge syndrome … … shoulder belt * and hull; ƒ the lateral clavicle joint, between Acromion * and clavicle, large → serves the …

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