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    Binocular Repair Services - (4 companies)
    Binocular repair services refurbish binoculars to original operating specifications, or in some cases furnish upgrades. Common industry patrons of binocular repair services include science and technology, military and police, and recreation...
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  • Binoculars-Image
    Binoculars - (70 companies) one of the binocular tubes that is 50 millimeters in diameter. Other parameters to consider include field of view, which is determined by the construction of the binoculars, weight, type of prisms used, refractive index, and other parameters...
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  • Collimators-Image
    Collimators - (61 companies)
    ...light output. Types. There are many types of collimators. Examples include: laser collimators. x-ray collimators. infrared radiometer collimators. Laser collimators use the principle of auto-collimation. From the center of the focuser, laser collimators...
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  • Optical and Light Microscopes-Image
    Optical and Light Microscopes - (281 companies)
    ...and binocular versions are available. Typically, compound microscopes are used for viewing very small specimens such as cells, pond life samples, and other microscopic life forms. They have low depth perception, but high resolution and magnification. Grades...
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  • Microscopes-Image
    Microscopes - (702 companies)
    ...binocular). Compound microscopes have low depth perception but high resolution and magnification. Fluorescent microscopes and UV microscopes use high-energy and short-wavelength light to excite electrons, causing them to shift to higher orbits. When...
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    Biological Microscopes - (149 companies) the extent of the visible image field that can be seen when the microscope is in focus. Types. Biological microscopes can come in one of many types of eyepiece styles. These include monocular, binocular, trinocular, or dual head. A monocular...
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    Magnifiers - (169 companies)
    ...and it may include an integrated scale. Binocular. Two magnifiers are unified into a chassis to add stereoscopic or depth perception. This type of magnifier is handheld or worn. Folding/linen. Instances where the lens retracts or folds into a storage...
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    Mirror Mounts - (23 companies)
    Mirror mounts are used to hold and support mirrors of all sizes and shapes.
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    Interferometers - (110 companies)
    ...or working distance or collimation. There are three choices for laser type: carbon dioxide (CO2), helium neon (HeNe), and helium xenon (HeXe). CO2 lasers use a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen (N2) and helium (He) to produce a continuous output of laser...
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    Telescopes - (55 companies)
    Telescopes are lens assemblies designed to magnify and view distant objects.
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  • Binocular Astronomy
    … sense to me for over a decade; Ed Zarenski, whose work inspired me to think more carefully about rigorously test- ing and evaluating binoculars; Konstantinos Makropoulos, who introduced me to some very efficient ways of checking binocular collimation ; and Peter Drew, whose …
  • Field Guide to Binoculars and Scopes
    Table of Contents Reticles Variable-Magnification (Zoom) Systems Image Stabilization Techniques Rangefinding Techniques Mechanical System Considerations Overall Size of a Binocular Weight of a Binocular Ergonomics Environmental Considerations Housing Design Binocular Hinge Mechanisms Binocular Collimation Mechanisms Object Focus Mechanisms Diopter Adjustment Mechanisms …
  • Production Engineering And Implementation Of A Modular Military Binocular
    Like the housing, the objective module also had critical dimensions which had to be held within close tolerance limits to permit modular interchangeability while maintaining binocular collimation and focus.
  • Front Matter: Volume 8491
    Binocular collimation vs conditional alignment (Invited Paper) [8491-14] .
  • Super hardpoints for the Large Binocular Telescope
    However, it was discovered that the original specification had to be 5 times better (200 nm) with respect to position precision in order to meet the binocular collimation and pointing requirements.
    The portable ANV‐126 NVG Test Set (below) evaluates the operating performance of goggles and sights, measuring gain, binocular collimation , image distortion, resolution and spot defects.
  • LINC-NIRVANA for the LBT: setting up the world's largest NIR binoculars for astronomy
    Since the LBT is also still in its development phase, where fundamental issues like telescope flexure, background vibrations and binocular collimation need to be well understood, this requires an active exchange of information and a timely freeze of mutual dependencies between the …
  • Binocular Astronomy
    Always collimate binoculars outdoors, or indoors by looking through an open window.
  • Moonwalk with Your Eyes
    Using poorly collimated binoculars for any length of time causes eye strain you would not soon forget.
  • Mini Night Single-Eye Acquisition Sight (N/SEAS)
    A perfectly collimated binocular configuration with two randomly selected monoculars (each using a patented 'self collimation') mounted on the head or a helmet is also available.