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  • Microlenses may detect biological weapons
    Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a method of detecting trace amounts of biological or chemical agents in seconds, much faster than traditional methods which can take up to a day. On the left, a microlens is in the on state and ready to detect. The right shows
  • Medical Device Link . A Practical Guide to ISO 10993-12: Sample Preparation and Reference Materials
    to each study, sample preparation and reference materials are covered in ISO 10993-12. The standard describes the types of test samples, suitable extraction vehicles and conditions, and appropriate reference materials to be used as controls. This article reviews the standard's requirements
  • Imaging Gas-Solid Interactions in an Atomic Resolution Environmental TEM
    aluminum foils as upper and lower windows sandwiching a biological sample to sustain a living environment. The electron transparent windows permitted the confined biological objects to be imaged in TEM mode. Since then, environmental TEM (E-TEM) has received increasing attention from biological
  • Medical Device Link .
    , but not in cases where it is necessary first to introduce a functional probe into the body and then to quantify the probe in a biological sample. Since most biological samples, such as tissue or blood, are opaque or have high background activity, optical probes work poorly unless they are extracted
  • Medical Device Link . Development applications for membrane-bottom microwell plates
    versatility. Membranes may be used as prefilters, as exemplified by borosilicate glass filters; for general biological sample filtration, as seen with cellulose acetate filters; or for high protein retention and DNA and RNA binding, as seen with nitrocellulose membranes. Nylon membranes are inherently
  • Medical Device Link .
    the potential to revolutionize biological sample testing. Bringing such sensitive tests to hospital laboratories, patients point-of-care (POC), production floors, and emergency first responders presents a considerable challenge because of the complex steps that are required to set up and perform
  • Medical Device Link . Thermal Management Techniques for Medical and Laboratory Equipment
    , and the working time or shelf life of a biological sample or laboratory reagent can be increased by keeping the substance at an optimal temperature. Instruments such as DNA cyclers, tunable laser diodes, and thermal-stress analyzers all require a capacity for cycling an object or sample through a range
  • Medical Device Link .
    liquids and the fluid analyzed for specific components. Typically, the specimen fluid is deposited at the inlet port of a suitable IVD test strip and the sample fluid is drawn into the device by mechanical means such as vacuum or by capillary flow. In aqueous biological fluids such as blood, urine

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