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  • All-optical wavelength converter based on self-phase modulation in highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber
    36 http://www.electronics- manufacturers .com. .... 37 Juliet T. Gopinath, Hanfei M. Shen, Hideyuki Sotobayashi, Erich P. Ippen, Tomoharu Hasegawa, Tatsuo Nagashima, Naoki Sugimoto, “Highly Nonlinear Bismuth - Oxide Fiber for Supercontinuum Generation and Femtosecond Pulse Compression”, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 23(11), 3591-3596 (2005).
  • Bragg Gratings Made in Highly Nonlinear Bismuth Oxide Fibers With Ultrafast IR Radiation
    of the fiber is listed by the manufac- turer as 1000/W/km with the nonlinear refractive index m W. .... A regeneratively amplified Ti : sapphire laser operating at 800 nm with 120-fs pulses was used to write gratings in the bismuth oxide fiber using the phase mask method.
  • Interpretation of laser desorption mass spectra of unexpected inorganic species found in a cosmetic sample of forensic interest: fingernail polish
    …extensive use of micro- scopic examination and maintained a collection of soil, mineral, fiber , and hair samples .... They apparently served him well since he identified in the pink dust an iron oxide pigment, Venetian red, magnesium stearate, zinc oxide, and something reported as bismuth (probably not the element) [33, 34]. .... evaluation of LDMS spectra of a set of fingernail polishes from the same manufacturer suggests that a…
  • Polymer surge arresters: Degradation versus electrical performance
    The varistor elements, which represent the active component of the surge arrester, are mainly composed of ZnO with many other doping metal oxides, e.g.: bismuth oxide (Bi2O3), cobalt oxide (CoO), chromium oxide (Cr2O3), manganese oxide (MnO), antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) and others. .... oxides represent the non- linear resistance RP and their exact "recipes" are thus secrets of manufacturers [5]. .... basically of a single column of ZnO varistor discs enclosed into a glass- fiber reinforced epoxy tube…
  • Current Status And Prospects For In-Process Optical Sensors
    In the aerospace industry, the benefits of fibre optics as a gravimetrically efficient and production friendly means of communication in aircraft is imposing upon the transducer and sensor manufacturer a requirement for compatible, hopefully passive, optical devices. .... In the first case, lithium niobate and bismuth silicon or germanium oxide (BSO, BGO) are the preferred materials; in the second sophisticated garnets, zinc selenide, BSO and flint glass have all been used successfully.
  • Fiber Bragg gratings made in highly nonlinear bismuth oxide fibers using IR ultrafast radiation
    In this paper we present the experiment demonstrating the inscription of stable, high refractive index modulation Bragg grating structures in highly non linear bismuth oxide fiber . .... The nonlinear coefficient γ of the fiber is listed by the manufacturer as 1000/W/km with the nonlinear…
  • Engineered Tribological Composites
    …314 Aldrich, F., 118, 119, 251 334 Alkali metal titanate compounds and NAOs, 125–126 modern, 126 Allen, A., 384 Allen, J., 323, 424 Allen, R., 250, 430 Allied Signal, 341 Aluminum fibers , in friction materials, 312 Aluminum oxide in friction materials, 331–332 … 441 ASTM D882-10, 441 Atack, D., 385 Atmur, S., 129, 239 Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency … 296–297 Birch, S., 274, 314 Birchall, J., 342 Bismaleimide-triazine (BT) resins, 228–230 Bismuth sulfide, 370–371 Bismuthinite…
  • Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
    …UHV application 927 – friction 1332 – instrumentation 595 – interferometer 668 – manufacturer 581 – mode … alkanethiol 654 alkanethiolate 316 – on gold 316 – on palladium 316 – on silver 316 alkylketene dimer (AKD) 1441, 1465 alkylphosphonate SAM 1330 alkylsiloxane film 1320 all- fiber interferometer 668 all-optical … – gate 41 – oxide 64, 925 amino acid … bipyridine – building block 20, 38 – centered LUMO 34 birefringent crystal 600 bismuth nanowire 139–142, 144…
  • Comparison of the fracture resistance of simulated immature permanent teeth using various canal filling materials and fiber posts
    The names, manufacturers , and composition of the materials used in the study are summarized in Table 1. .... Compositions of the filling materials and fiber posts used in the study. .... Tricalcium silicate, dicalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, tetracalcium aluminoferrite, bismuth oxide AH Plus .
  • Newsbriefs
    According to the manufac- turer , they can eliminatethe need for welded wire fabric. .... The extreme fineness of the fibers makes them virtually invisible in fresh concrete--a major advantage in .... The new conductor, a bismuth -based oxide high temperature su- perconducting tape, achieves the highest current density yet obtained in high tem- perature superconductor: 66,000 amperes per cm2 in liquid nitrogen at 77 °K (-196 °C).

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