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  • 12-Bit Dynamics: Applications in Machine Vision
    The once huge difference in speed or frame rate between digital 8 and 12-bit camera systems has now vanished due to continuous improvements in image sensor manufacturing and microprocessors. What is left is simply a certain price difference and the question of whether 12- bit camera systems can
  • MICRO: Using molecular switches, HP claims nano-technology advance with 64-bit memory IC
    A BIT PLEASED: An HP research team surrounds a screen image showing test structures of its nanotechnology breakthrough. The team comprises Stan Williams (seated), Yong Chen (left), and Doug Ohlberg. Hewlett-Packard (HP) has claimed a major breakthrough in nanotechnology by demonstrating a 64-bit
  • Society for Information Display New Products - November 2000
    for 30-bit RGB data, auto-adjustment of the image position and clock phase, and vertical and horizontal multi-tap filters to enhance image quality. Samples are available now. The semiconductor division of Sumitomo Metals has
  • Digitization
    . A 14 bit system will output 2 raised to the 14th power or 16384 levels. A 16 bit camera will output 2 raised to the 16th power or 65536 levels. Now some of you may ask "yes, but my monitor will only display 256 gray shades, 65536 levels seems a bit excessive?" The image processing software you use
  • Computer Power User Article - The Saint
    February 2003 Vol.3 Issue 2 Page(s) 14 in print issue Add To My Personal Library 60fps x 1,024 x 768 x 32-bit color = 180MBps 30fps x 640 x 480 x 16-bit color = 18MBps WHOA! The PC needs to generate 10 times as much video data as a console just to properly drive the display. Unfortunately
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Electronic Components
    A thin-film electroluminescent display that combines contrast and image quality with a compact package is suited for use in portable medical equipment. Incorporating the company's proprietary integral contrast-enhancement technology and able to withstand a broad range of temperatures, the display
  • Computer Power User Article - Next-Gen Is Now
    and Canterwood chipsets will last through mid-2004, incorporating Intel's transition to Prescott and Dothan processors. (Dothan is an upcoming mobile processor based on 90nm manufacturing technology.) View the Image Compatible chart that accompanies this article. NOTE: These pages are PDF (Portable
  • Live! Exposed! And on the Web!
    with a 1,280 1,024 CMOS color-image sensor. The sensor is exactly aligned with the optical axis for uniform image focus. An attached ribbon cable controls shutter release and on-the-fly programming to select between resolution, frame rate and bit width. The module can also zoom, pan, tilt, flip, and mirror

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  • Digital Imaging Primer
    Part V 1- bit Imaging .
  • Hierarchical stereo matching with image bit-plane slicing
    In addition to the applicability on 8- bit images (per channel), the proposed technique will also greatly benefit the stereo matching on the images with higher bits per pixel.1 In this paper, we are interested in the relationship between the data …
  • Digital Image Processing
    As an example, applying the original his- togram algorithm to a 32- bit image would require screen space to display .
  • Intelligent Multimedia Data Hiding
    We can decompose an n- bit image into a set of n binary images by bit-slicing operations [1, 2].
  • Digital image processing
    No specific storing format for binary images gives it in ImageJ, also the class BinaryProcessor uses 8- bits of image data.
  • Digital image processing
    No specific storing format for binary images gives it in ImageJ, also the class BinaryProcessor uses 8- bits of image data.
  • Digital-Forensics and Watermarking
    Additive PEE based embedding algorithms involve error expansion and shifting operations which may cause overflow/underflow problems i.e. some pixels may go outside the range of [0, 255] for an 8 bit image .
  • Integrated Digital circuits
    m+n bit image 7.44 Addier-und-Verschiebe-Algorithmus for multiplication of vorzeichenlosen fixed point numbers.