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  • Bitumen Heating
    The type of heaters used in bitumen heating will depend on how much of viscosity is required and how high the temperature must reach.
  • Bitumen Heating Texan Style
    In places like Houston Texas, bitumen is well known in the construction industry as tar or asphalt, a very important substance in paving the road or roofing. The key to heating bitumen is all about viscosity. It is very important to keep bitumen at certain temperature to remain viscous while
  • Tank Heating Considerations for Bitumen Applications
    Bitumen is a naturally occurring product that forms the basis of most modern infrastructure. From the walls of Babylon to today's roads and highways, our society relies heavily on bitumen. For most uses, bitumen needs to be transformed from its natural state to be useful. Heating is an essential
  • Low-Density Heaters for Bitumen Processing
    Bitumen processing is especially reliant on low-density heaters. Bitumen is classified as an "extra-heavy oil" with an API gravity below 10°. A lower wattage is essential to achieve the optimal flow rates without damaging this heavy crude oil.
  • Preventing Bitumen Surface Skin
    ASTM D92 Appendix X1 describes a technique to prevent the surface skin formation when testing the flash point of asphalts with an open cup flash point tester like CLA 5.
  • Grinding Tarpaper and Roofing Bitumen
    Most people are only familiar with these materials in order to seal roofs, but what happens with this material when a building is torn down? Utilized are then the FRITSCH Cutting Mills.
  • Road Condition Monitoring to Prove Process Efficiency
    For a road condition monitoring project, CAS provides a bitumen truck company with a comprehensive data logging solution to prove process efficiency.
  • An Introduction to Nuclear Waste Immobilisation
    An Introduction to Nuclear Waste Immobilisation. Covering all important aspects of immobilization, from nuclear decay, to regulations, to new technologies and methods, this text gives significant focus to the analysis of the various matrices used in transport: cement, bitumen and glass.
  • Organic Materials in Civil Engineering
    Organic Materials in Civil Engineering. Addressing the various types and characterizations, this book presents an inventory of organic materials and products for civil engineering, from bitumen for roads and geotextiles for retaining walls to membranes for tunnels and reservoir waterproofing.
  • Recording Road Surfacing Data to Prove Process Efficiency
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the intelligent data logger solution for a company owning several bitumen spray trucks used to seal roads and highways. Management wanted to demonstrate their process quality to customers by recording specific information during multiple bitumen spray runs

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