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  • Corona Treaters and Plasma Cleaners-Image
    Corona Treaters and Plasma Cleaners - (78 companies)
    ...substrates to ionized gas in order to improve the wettability of adhesives, paints, inks, or other coatings. To create multiple bonding sites, corona treaters and plasma cleaners raise the surface energy (surface tension) of plastics such as ethylene...
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    Substrates / Surfaces
    Sealers and Seal Coatings - (256 companies)
    Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces or to form a barrier on a surface. They differ from sealants, which are used to seal joints or gaps between surfaces. Basic Description. Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces...
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  • Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems-Image
    Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems - (695 companies)
    ...that are insoluble in water or aqueous systems. In fluidized bed systems, air is blown through a porous bed or screen to suspend abrasive particles that clean the exposed surfaces of parts. In immersion tank cleaning systems, or scrub tanks, parts...
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  • Extrusion Services-Image
    Extrusion Services - (917 companies)
    ...the stresses created by extrusion. Examples of parts that are cold extruded are collapsible tubes, aluminum cans, cylinders, and gear blanks. The advantages of cold extrusion are higher strength due to cold working, closer tolerances, good surface...
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  • Furnaces (industrial)-Image
    Furnaces (industrial) - (459 companies)
    ...shape and a box-shaped interior. Bottom loading furnaces load the sample or product to be treated through the bottom of the chamber via a platform elevator. In a top loading furnace, the product to be processed is loaded from the top. Cabinet or bench...
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    Ovens (industrial) - (494 companies) be generated. Heat treating under vacuum can: prevent surface reactions, such as oxidation or decarburization; remove surface contaminants such as oxide films and residual traces of lubricants; add a substance to the surface layers of the work...
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    Glass Sheets and Plate Glass - (112 companies)
    ...and chemical characteristics. Glass sheets and plate glass can be clear or transparent, or treated with other elements to give an opalescent or iridescent quality. Applications. Glass sheets and plate glass are commonly used in architecture as windows...
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    Polymers and Plastic Resins - (931 companies)
    ...and Components. Cure type or cure technology is also an important consideration when selecting products. Choices include air setting or film drying, anaerobic, thermoplastic or hot melt, thermosetting or cross-linking, room-temperature curing or vulcanizing...
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    Heat Treating Services - (591 companies)
    Heat treating services perform thermal treatments to modify the properties of metals and metal alloys. Common processes include annealing, austempering, case hardening, conventional hardening, homogenizing, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), martempering...
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    Surface Profilometers - (198 companies)
    Surface profilometers are contact or non-contact instruments used to measures surface profiles, roughness, waviness and other finish parameters. Surface profilometers are used to measure surface profiles, roughness, waviness, and other finish...
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  • Effect of storage temperature and time on stability of poly(lactide)–whey protein isolate laminated films
    Dried PLA resins were extruded through a single-screw extruder which was attached to a blown-film die ( Blow film line 180/400E, Dr. Collin GmbH, Ebersberg, Hesse, Germany), with a temperature profile of 220–223 8C and a screw speed of 70 rpm .... Corona discharge treatment (20 kV, 20 kHz) was performed on PLA film surface using corona treater (IN TEN, Taipei, Taiwan), equipped with four rolls of 45 cm x 0.2 cm electrodes at a speed of 5 m/min.
  • Properties of poly(lactide)–whey protein isolate laminated films
    Dried PLA resins were extruded through a single-screw extruder which was attached to a blown-film die ( Blow film line 180/400E, Dr. Collin®, Ebersberg, Hesse, Germany) at the facilities of Chemical Engineer- ing Department, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand .... Surface modification of PLA film was done to achieve a surface energy of > 40 mN m−1 . .... treatment (20 kV, 20 kHz) was performed on film surface using a corona treater (IN TEN Co…
  • Synthetic Paper
    The blow -up ratio is 2.12 to produce a 38.2-in. dia bubble that collapses .... Guide rolls assist in collapsing the bubble to a smooth, wrinkle- free flat film . .... ft above the floor, If desired, the collapsed film may pass over a treater bar for corona .... (Two bars will treat both sides of the outside surface of the layflat; if all surfaces are…
  • Seed Inoculation, Coating and Precision Pelleting
    …with a 3 litre liquid hopper— which all connect to-gether to make a compact small treater . .... to convert bare seed into various conditions of the inoculation, coating, pelleting, encrusting, film covering or simple … then shrink upon subsequent drying causing the bond between the coating, adhesive and seed surface to weaken. .... Drying with heat ( blowing hot air) even in winter temperatures is potentially harmful to Rhizobium—hence the use…
  • Handbook of Troubleshooting Plastics Processes: A Practical Guide Complete Document
    It is also wise to not only check the film full face width in a couple of locations but the treater roll circumference to check for the sporadic web treatment. .... the secondary nip to create a constant web tension pulling the film down the blown film tower. .... shafts and starts the winder spindle drive or in the case of the surface winder the surface…
  • Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants, Second Edition > SURFACES AND SURFACE PREPARATION
    …kHz), a stationary electrode electrically connected to the generator, and a dielectrically covered treater -roll that serves .... This electrical discharge causes oxidation and polar group formation on the surface molecules which in turn raises .... Stored film is generally considered more difficult to treat than film that is just processed (e.g., exiting an extrusion or blow molding operation).
  • The fragmentation test applied to adhesion measurements and microstructural characterization in plasma pre‐treated metallized plastic webs
    …of important factors such as antiblocking and slip- ping particles present in the polymer or surface treatments. .... LDPE films were blow extruded. .... A DC-planar magnetron plasma- treater (Leybold, Cologne, Germany) was used for cleaning and acti- vating the…
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Surface Tension Testing. .... Blown Film & Material Handling. .... Do I need a Bare Roll or Covered Roll Treater ?
  • Heat sealing of semicrystalline polymer films. III. Effect of corona discharge treatment of LLDPE
    …those used in industry, was obtained by varying the applied power to a commercial, on-line treater . .... Film surfaces were charac- terized by XPS and wetting-tension measurements. .... roll in a cast process or when the bubble is not completely collapsed in blown -film applications.
  • Studies on cold plasma–polymer surface interaction by example of PP- and PET-films
    …provide fast transport of active species from the discharge zone onto the surface (plasma jets [26] and cold plasma torches [27]) or to produce active species immediately at the surface to be treated (classical DBD [16], ‘corona treaters ’ [28] or barrier .... Current filaments repeat with a frequency of several kHz and are blowing out for 10 mm from … that the atomic and radical emissions extend to 6 mm, while the polymer film treated was located…