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  • Computer Power User Article - White Paper: Blue Laser Technology
    White Paper: Blue Laser Technology May 2002 Vol.2 Issue 5 Page(s) 45-49 in print issue Add To My Personal Library White Paper: Blue Laser Technology The Changing Landscape Of Optical Discs Sharp and TDK, along with the Japanese National Institute of AIST (Advanced Industrial Science
  • Pulsed UV Curing for Blue Laser Media
    Among the many new challenges for manufacturers of third generation media are the issues of bonding and. curing; pulsed UV curing may be an effective solution.
  • 50 W Osram Blue Laser Diode Applications Support
    how to use Osram laser diodes, precautions, handling and heat transfer.
  • A Comparison of Blue and Red Laser Triangulation Sensors
    Although red laser triangulation displacement sensors have been in use for more than 20 years, blue laser versions are also now available. Before selecting which colour to use, it is important to understand which type performs best on which target material.
  • How to Push Efficiency Using Laser Triangulation Sensors
    Laser triangulation sensors project a red or blue laser beam onto the surface. The light reflected from the spot is imaged by an optical receiving system onto a position-sensitive element in the sensor. If the sensor or the measurement object are moved towards the laser beam, the laser sensor
  • Different Wavelength Blue-violet Lasers Enable the Measurement of Very Particular Applications
    limitations. Here different wavelength blue-violet lasers enable the measurement of very particular applications such as DTV measurements on glowing hot brake discs.
  • Computer Power User Article - What's Happening
    Sony To Sell First Blue-Laser DVD Sony has introduced the world's first DVD recorder that uses a blue-laser light. The BDZ-S77 is slated for an April 10 release in Japan; Sony has yet to announce plans for selling the recorder elsewhere in the world. Sony's blue-laser DVD recorder will cost about
  • 6.08: Updata
    engineering: the blue laser. Think of the blue LED as a minivan - necessary, dependable, and totally unexciting. But the blue laser is a whole new sort of automobile. The smaller a laser's wavelength, the smaller a spot it can form, producing tinier pits on a CD's surface. With

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