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  • Handle Nut Torque
    RuB forged brass ball valves have handle nuts according to the following table.
  • Elevator Service Valves
    As you can imagine, there are special specs covering valves and piping which handle hydraulic fluid for hydraulic elevators. ASME A17 and Rule 1302.5a are two that we have encountered. If the customer asks if we comply with either of these specs, or if he asks what our factor of safety is, or he
  • Shipboard Reverse Osmosis System Flowmeter Applications
    systems. The R/O systems will handle "all" shipboard water requirements. The supply side flowmeters are suitable for use on seawater, thus, they are constructed of naval brass and monel. These materials provide long life against seawater's corrosive nature. The flowmeters on the discharge side
  • A Critical Look at Acme, Ball, and Roller Screws for Linear Motion
    the assembly, which can be an advantage. However, inherent energy losses mean Acme screws need more motor torque compared to other screw types. Common nut materials include self-lubricating plastics, polymers, and metals such as brass or bronze. Nonmetallic materials generally have higher efficiencies due
  • A Good Example of Bad Design
    devices. For instance, one control had a handle that regulated Hot-Cold and On-Off. Too bad the room rate didn't include an instruction manual. Smart individuals figure out how to work the control jumping in the shower. Otherwise, bet your bottom dollar, the temperature of the first water jets is ice cold
  • Quick-Action Couplers
    to 10 in. diameter. They can typically handle 3,000-psi pressures. Some connectors cannot accept pressures this high; a trade-off is necessary to obtain other important operating characteristics. Self-sealing couplers can be used in any part of a system where the pressure-drop rating on the coupler
  • CPG Helps Shop Operate 24/7
    with the new auto-threader. They strictly use .008 diameter VAN-TGTM brass wire on all 3 Wire EDM's. They manufacture stamping die for multiple industries most notably, telecom and home health care products. The materials are 50/50 steel and carbide. Due to the high production atmosphere of their business
  • Foolproofing embedded sensors
    Close quarters can make the specification process tricky for magnetostrictive sensors that have no external housings. Magnetostriction as a positionsensing technique has long been used in industrial machines. But another variant of this technology has emerged to handle situationsthat need to embed

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