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  • Maine Cottages
    He gained confidence in his ability to paint meaningful details (note the brass name plate indicated on the office door ), began to use shadow to suggest three-dimensional form, and learned to lay down and preserve the integrity of small patches of…
  • Chemical didactics compactly
    The pupils by the issue become "reactions of acids" called for example to provide a brass plate for its house door with its name and it with after house to take so, they are motivated very strongly to produce this plate. .... They smear the brass plate with wax, write its name carefully in the wax surface and the metal vacancies with nitric acid etch (V2.10).
  • Loose cannons: Covert commerce and underground finance in the modern arms black market
    The transportation can be entrusted to a company whose headquarters is designated by one of several dozen brass - plates on the door of a small Cayman Islands' office staffed by one employee who sits watching American soaps for the whole working day. .... The payments can move through a series of coded bank accounts in the name of a network…
  • Signature redacted-
    …Making working iron devices from drawings required close coordination, even from firms next door to each other. .... The ability to send estimates on time depended on capacity in the drawing offices .3 ". .... out parts of its orders, its management was very concerned to maintain their name in the front .... The same, more importantly, went for the machine itself, for which the firm supplied the brass plate .2 .
  • Catalogue of Mamluk Metalwork Fittings
    There is, however, one detail that points in the direction of the office, for his name is concluded with the article ‘al-‘, which might allude to the hierarchy established within the office between the senior inspector (al-ZaradkÁsh al-kabÐr) and .... 46/1 Two-leafed door ; overall star pattern type [ Plates 191–194]. .... Wooden support, cast brass plaques, iron nails, inscription bands cut from thin sheets .
  • Federal Register > Thursday, November 13, 2014 > [79 FR 67414] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 127-West Columbia, South Carolina; Notification of Proposed Production ...
    ; clips, electric wiring; springs, pneumatic cylinder; locks, metal latches; wheel loader consoles; name plates , vinyl; engines for wheel loaders; engines for forklifts; plugs, oil pan & suction tubes, steel; tilt cylinders for forklifts; cylinders for wheel loaders; motor assemblies for wheel loaders … multiple application; cutting edges for buckets; cylinder assemblies; dashboards; decals; deflectors steel cover; doors for wheel loaders … switches; pressure switches; switches, rocker; connectors, electrical; covers, battery wiring; fuse holders; terminals, brass , battery; engine controllers .... A copy of the notification will be available for public inspection at the Office of the Executive…
  • States > Texas > State > Register > 1997 > [TexReg 1997-0722is] 07/22/1997
    A company by the name of Texas Bumper, Incorporated, which repaired new and used automobile bumpers, also .... Two rooms on the first floor were used as plating areas and contained plating baths for brass , copper, nickel chromium, and gold. .... The TNRCC San Antonio office inspected the site the same day it was notified (May 1993) that .... Also, all accessible windows and all doors were secured, and signs were posted on the fence warning…
  • Suburban Hearth and Home/The Hub of the Home - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    [The counterfoil needed the date, the shop’s name and address. .... He assumed his rank and office without fuss emitting confidence and authority. .... An imposing brass railed fireguard kept the flying cinders from scorching the hearthrug. .... boys bathed in front of the fire in a tin bath - that hung outside the back door . .... a large, galvanised iron, washing tub, over the gas burner; a convex bottom plate kept the washing…
  • The History of ASTM Committee E4 on Metallography
    …Work" award in 1989 for his paper"Plane and Spatml Charactenstlcs of Equmxed Beta Brass Grams" Fred is … X-ray spectrometer used by industry and hired a young graduate by the name of Edgar Colhns … National Academy of Science Dunng World War II, he was chmrman of the Office of Production Management … through a section of BX cable The fire had broken out above a door on which Doc's … s~tes for fatigue fractures These cracks were found to be assocmted with coarse, plate martens~te, the first…
    The Brasses place themselves inthe world of animals, referring to their grasping father habitually as 'Foxey' ,and of course their very name refers them to the non-human. .... There are, in the Brasses' office ... a treacherous old chair by the fireplace, whosewithered arms had hugged … to any suggestion that the authorial voice is prone to confuse human and non-human, Dickens explicitly asserts that he himself does know the difference: But this was merestill-life,ofno greater importancethanthe plate , 'BRASS, Solicitor' uponthe door , and thebill 'Firstfloor to…

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