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  • Industrial applications of polyamides-Technical of the Ingénieur
    … seals, sucking tubes (PA6-FV), components for armatures, controllers of stop for showcase, supports for batteries and accus (PA66-FV) with sheet in copper of 35 mms, elements, gates of ventilation, pipes of … … flashers (PA46), gates of radiators , reservoirs for cooling water …
  • Advances in Automotive Heat Exchanger Technology†
    The radiator is usually located behind the grille and the condenser (if any) in the engine compartment. Before 1980s, most radiators were made from copper fins and brass tubes soldered together.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, November 13, 2014 > [79 FR 67414] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 127-West Columbia, South Carolina; Notification of Proposed Production ...
    … plugs, multiple uses; plugs for hydraulic tanks; plugs, fender; plugs, for wheel loaders; plugs, hoses, multiple application; plugs, miscellaneous uses; pre separators; radiator and grille assemblies; radiator and grille kits; rear battery relays … … wheel loaders; swivels; tanks, radiator reservoirs; tees, hoses, alloy/cast/threaded … … switches; pressure switches; switches, rocker; connectors, electrical; covers, battery wiring; fuse holders; terminals, brass , battery; engine controllers …
  • Suppliers to the Volkswagen Touran
    … Vertriebs Variable camshaft control Denso For the holder-e-box: threaded bush in brass Kerb-Konus-Vertriebs … … Engelmann Hood hinge Edscha Lockset Hüf Hulsbeck & Furst Sunroof Webasto Low/high gloss powdered c-pillar cappings Dura Automotive Body & Glass Tailgate closure system Tubsa Autmocion Mirror integrated side repeater FER Fahrzeugelektrik Tailgate covering Polytec Radiator grille Gerhardi Tailgate hinge Edscha …
  • Polarization of the X‐Strahlen detected by means of secondary radiation
    A same grid G, C became in parallel the vertical plate before this set at a distance … … distance from 25 cms behind the vertical wall 111 auflerhalb of the lead box axially set. radiator . … diameter 5 em) of boiling paraffin carried down dunnen by ciner with Pb of uberzogenen brass rod.
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    Material options include lightweight aluminum for on-highway applications and copper brass for vocational applications. In order to accommodate these larger radiators , Western Star added a drop-front frame casting for the … This allows for increased cooling capacity without exterior modifications to the traditional Western Star hood and grille .
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    … to give parts with the more decorative finish of metals such as chrome, gold, silver and brass . It is currently used in applications such as sanitary ware, automotive or radiator grilles , wheel covers, headlight bezels, interior and exterior trim and knobs, marine hardware, radio and TV parts, shavers, light fixtures and appliance housings [36].

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