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  • Breadboards and Breadboard Accessories-Image
    Breadboards and Breadboard Accessories - (54 companies)
    Breadboards and breadboard accessories are used for testing and experimenting with electronic circuits. They are covered with slots for interchanging components and electrical connection strips. Breadboards and breadboard accessories are used...
    Optical Breadboards - (10 companies)
    Optical breadboards are flat surfaces with regularly spaced threaded holes that can be placed on a table or workbench and used for precision mounting of optical components. Optical tables and optical breadboards effectively dampen working surfaces...
  • IC Package Converters and Adapters-Image
    IC Package Converters and Adapters - (42 companies)
    IC package converters and adapters are electronic interconnect devices that are used to interface different types of integrated circuit (IC) sockets. Types. Categories include package adapters, package converters, probing adapters, analysis adapters...
    IC Probing Adapters and Analysis Adapters - (11 companies)
    IC probing adapaters and analysis adapters are interconnect devices for in-circuit testing of integrated circuit packages. The adapter provides connections for test equipment and logic analyzers. Integrated circuit (IC) probing adapters and analysis...
  • AC-DC Adapters-Image
    AC-DC Adapters - (340 companies)
    AC-DC adapters accept AC input voltage directly from a wall outlet, and output DC voltage. AC/DC adapters accept AC input voltage directly from a wall outlet, and output DC voltage. The primary configurations are wall-mount, where the adapter unit...
    Bus Adapters - (60 companies)
    Bus adapters connect peripherals to computers that do not provide native support for a peripheral's interface. Some bus adapters are housed in cables that connect one bus to another. Others are board-level cards, blades, or stand-alone units...
    Motor Flange Adapters - (5 companies)
    Motor Flange Adapters are used on motors and gearheads to convert standardized flange sizes from one size to another. Motor flange adapters are devices that convert standardized flange sizes from one size to another. They are also known as motor...
    RF Adapters - (227 companies)
    How to Select RF Adapters. RF adapters are used to connect different waveguides and/or coaxial cables. They are passive devices that direct radio frequency (RF) signals with minimal return loss. What are Coaxial Cables and Waveguides?. Coaxial...
    Serial Adapters - (140 companies)
    Serial adapters provide one or more serial ports to a host computer. They interface with the host computer via a data bus and add RS232, RS422, RS485 and/or other types of serial ports. Serial adapters are devices that permit interfacing between...
    SCSI Adapters and SCSI Controllers - (68 companies)
    SCSI adapters and SCSI controllers (SCSI cards) are computer interface cards that are installed in an expansion slot. They are used to connect the SCSI system to several devices and peripherals using a daisy chain method. Small Computer Systems...

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