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    Videoscopes - (117 companies) transmit as well as record real-time video and still images. Naming and Classification Videoscope technology is one solution to creating a flexible borescope. (The other type, fiberscopes, use optical fiber for image transmission.) Because both...
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    Optical Fiber Identifiers - (32 companies)
    Optical fiber identifiers are designed to non-invasively identify continuous-wave signals in fiber optic cables. They are low cost, hand-held tools that identify signals in single-mode fiber without interrupting service or damaging the fiber...
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    Fiber Optic Connectors - (502 companies)
    Fiber optic connectors are used to align and join two or more fibers together to provide a means for attaching to, or decoupling from, a transmitter, receiver, or other fiber optic device. Fiber optic connectors are used to align and join two...
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    Fiber Optic Cables - (956 companies)
    Fiber optic cables are composed of one or more transparent optical fibers enclosed in protective coverings and strength members. Fiber optic cables are used to transmit "light " data. Fiber optic cables are composed of one or more transparent fibers...
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    Fiber Optic Test Equipment - (322 companies)
    Fiber optic test equipment is used to detect the signal loss/change through a fiber optic cable. Fiber optic test equipment is used to detect the signal loss or change through a fiber optic cable. The demand for fiber optic products has grown...
    Fiber Recoaters - (4 companies)
    Fiber recoaters restore the primary coating to stripped optical fiber sections after splicing. Fiber recoaters are benchtop injection molding machines that inject a UV-cured acrylate or polyimide recoating material around a fiber optic splice...
    Fiber Optic Test Sources - (111 companies)
    Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers. A fiber optic test source is laser diode or LED used to inject an optical signal into fiber to test the performance of a fiber optic system. Laser...
    Fiber Lasers - (115 companies)
    Fiber lasers use optical fibers doped with low levels of rare-earth halides as the lasing medium to amplify light. Fiber lasers are constructed within an optical fiber and are similar in concept to gas lasers and laser diodes, except that a part...
    Fiber Optic Power Meters - (133 companies)
    Fiber optic power meters are instruments that measure the average power of a continuous light beam. They are used to test signal power in fiber optic networks. Fiber optic power meters consist of a solid state detector, signal conditioning circuitry...
    Fiber Optic Fault Locators - (70 companies)
    Fiber optic fault locators shine red laser light through jacketed fibers to identify breaks, bends, faulty connectors, splices and other causes of signal loss. Fiber optic fault locators function by shinning a red laser through jacketed fibers...

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  • Chest Surgery
    The integration of ultrasound technology and flexible fiber bronchoscopy enables the. .... Developed in 2002, the endo- bronchial ultrasound (EBUS) bronchoscope (Olympus BF-UC160F-OL8 or BF-UC260F-OL; Olympus America, Center Valley, PA) looks like a normal broncho - videoscope but is 6.9 mm wide and has a 2-mm instrument channel and…
  • Practical Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Respiratory Failure
    Another relatively new development is the videoscope that contains a video chip at the distal tip of .... These chips have a lower propensity for damage when compared with fiber bundles and also allow for .... Suspected tracheo-esophageal or broncho -pleural fistulas .
  • Principles and Practice of Interventional Pulmonology
    Fig. 59.9 Light source, processor, and monitor used with the broncho - videoscope (Reprinted with kind permission from Olympus Corporation). .... flex-rigid thoracoscope gave the possibility to use devices reserved until now to fiber -optic devices, showing…
  • Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care
    Avoid use of adenosine in patients with asthma and obstructive lung disease, as broncho - spasm and bronchoconstriction … the atrial wall giving stability to the device while the inlay- ing polyester fibers attract clotting elements .... A videoscope limits the amount of dissection required to visualize the target lesion, thereby shortening operative and…
  • Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices
    …attributed to ketamine administration is bronchodilation; thus, patients with, or at risk for, broncho - spasm may benefit … to travel from atrial excitation and through the atria, atrioventricular node, and remaining fibers of the conduction .... Following in vitro stabilization, the heart was instrumented with 6-mm videoscopes (Olympus Industrial, Tokyo, Japan) and…
  • Abdominal Imaging
    …neoplasm of the pancreas by means of peroral pancreatoscopy using a small-diameter videoscope and narrow-band .... The trabeculae, rich in elastic fibers , divide the organ in multiple small compartments occu- pied by the … indeterminate attenuation, 1763 very small lesions, 1761–1763 Boyce’s sign, 211 Brenner tumors, 2023 Broncho -esophageal fistula (BEF…
  • Farquharson's Textbook of Operative General Surgery
    A major broncho -pleural fistula can also occur as a post- operative complication of a pneumonectomy or .... A strong self-retaining retractor is then placed to hold the muscle fibres apart (Fig. 8.7b). .... The videoscope allows the working ports to be inserted under direct vision.
  • Anatomic Basis of Tumor Surgery
    …protect from aspiration of saliva or food in the patient with a tracheoesophageal or broncho -esophageal fistula. .... The muscle fibers are split apart, and the tumor is exposed. .... An angled videoscope is used.
  • Operative Endoscopy and Endoscopic Surgery in Infants and Children
    …ominous sign of erosion into the aorta or the pulmonary artery, or of a broncho -esophageal fistula. .... A fiberoptic endoscope, preferably a videoscope , of suitable caliber for the child and for endoscopic instruments (sclerotherapy .... 2-0 non-absorbable sutures for the approximation of the crural fibers and fundoplication wrap.
  • Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology
    Airway compromise from mucus plugs and broncho -• spasm can still occur with a tracheostomy in situ. .... Position the video screen directly in front of the videoscope operator, do not over sedate the patient … via chorda tympani branch) to the anterior two thirds of the tongue, parasympathetic fibers to the sub…

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