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  • DC Motors-Image
    DC Motors - (1156 companies)
    DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors. How to Select DC Motors. Image Credit: Dart Controls, Inc.; Galil Motion Control; Stock Drive Products...
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    Terminal Voltage
    Continuous Current
    Brushless Motors - (232 companies)
    How to Select Brushless Motors. Image Credit: Aerotech, Inc.; Bodine Electric Company; Crouzet. What are Brushless Motors?. Brushless motors are synchronous electric motors that have a magnetically (AC induction) or electronically (DC) controlled...
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  • Motor Controllers-Image
    Motor Controllers - (742 companies)
    ...commutation with physical contacts. Brushless motors do not use physical contacts. Induction motors induce current into the rotor windings without any physical connection to the stator windings. Synchronous motors are non-slip devices that operate...
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  • Fans and Blowers (industrial)-Image
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1517 companies)
    ...for industrial fans and blowers can be either direct or belt driven. In direct drive fans, the electric motor is coupled directly to the fan shaft for direct power transmission. In contrast, belt drive fans are powered by belts and sheaves or pulleys. Typically...
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  • AC Motors-Image
    AC Motors - (1292 companies)
    AC motors include single, multiphase, universal, induction, synchronous, and gear motors. They also include servomotors. AC motors are electric motors which are powered by alternating current (AC). They are used to convert electrical energy...
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    Motor Coils - (29 companies)
    Motor coils are used with motors, generators, stators, and armatures. Motor coils are used with motors, generators, stators, and armatures. Many feature Class F or Class H insulation and can be sealed for severe operating conditions. There are many...
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    Linear Motors - (180 companies) contact of brushes with the rotor commutator. DC brushless design - Brushless linear motors have their armature windings on the stator and the field on the rotor. They rely on internal noncontact sensing devices to activate external commutating...
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    DC Motor Drives - (659 companies)
    ...of use in variable speed applications with a wide range of options available for this purpose. Types of DC Drives. DC motor drives are classified based on the type of DC motor being used. These types include brushed, brushless, servo, linear, and voice...
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    Stepper Motors (rotary) - (416 companies)
    Stepper motors use a magnetic field to move a rotor in small angular steps or fractions of steps. They provide precise positioning and ease of use, especially in low acceleration or static load applications. Stepper motors are DC (direct current...
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    AC Motor Drives - (818 companies)
    ...torque-to-inertia ratios for high acceleration ratings. They frequently employ brushless commutation with feedback provided by Hall Effect sensors, and sinusoidal winding excitation. AC motor drives can also be classified based on types of control...
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