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  • Addressing Carrier Aggregation Challenges Using Multiplexer Solutions
    Mobile network operators worldwide are deploying carrier aggregation (CA), which enables them to provide faster data services by bonding two or more blocks of spectrum into a wider channel. With CA, mobile devices communicate on multiple LTE bands simultaneously, but this creates a challenge: how
  • Best Practices in Gas Detection
    was all part of the day's work for these men; and they got paid well to do it. The men were all employees of a local onsite contractor specializing in repairing fuel systems on bulk carriers and today's task to replace a section of fuel system along a bulkhead near the bottom of one of the holds
  • Tips for Selecting Highly-Efficient Cyclones
    The design and operation of a cyclone for a particular application depends on the proper interaction of these mass, drag and secondary forces. Many formulas using these forces for specifying generic cyclone designs are available. In general, these formulas work well for bulk materials with large
  • A solid performer
    , vacuum, and corrosive environments. There are several ways to apply MoS to sliding surfaces, from vacuum sputtering to sprinkling it on as a loose powder. The most common technique mixes the powder with a binder and carrier to form a bonded coating. Molybdenum disulfide owes its exceptional
  • MICRO: Critical Materials?Wafers
    . Silicon device fabrication at high furnace temperatures increases metallic contamination. In turn, metallic impurities, acting as recombination centers between the bandgap, decrease devices' minority carrier lifetime and increase the leakage current of p-n junctions. Oxygen content. Wafers grown using
  • MICRO: Defect/Yield Analysis
    , and overburdens. For example, a small amount of metal contamination in the bulk semiconductor substrate can cause the bulk minority carrier lifetime to decrease because the metal contamination may assist in the recombination of electrons and holes in the semiconductor substrate. That effect would have
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    , Nintendo Co. Ltd. introduced an adapter this past week to hook its Game Boy to the rival network of the new carrier KDDI. Improv board holds five Jazz processors Improv Systems Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), a licensor of intellectual property for configurable DSP platforms, has announced a five-processor
  • MICRO: Critical Materials
    versus voltage (CV) and triangular voltage sweep (TVS) methods, which require that an MOS structure be built, or surface photo voltage methods, which measure the substrate bulk and are thus relatively insensitive to surface-charge dynamics. These techniques irreversibly alter the sample during
  • Ethernet Theory of Operation
    :INTRODUCTION * Remote sensing and monitoring This document specifies the theory and operation of (R) * Remote command, control and firmware updating the Ethernet technology found in PIC MCUs with * Bulk data transfer integrated Ethernet and in stand-alone Ethernet * Live streaming audio, video and media

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