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    Bumpers - (206 companies)
    Bumpers are basic safety protection items usually made from vulcanized rubber or similar synthetic elastomeric materials. They are called bumpers because they deflect and protect from bumps when a moving machine collides with another vehicle...
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    Cabinets and Casework - (652 companies)
    Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials. How to Select Cabinets and Casework. Cabinets and casework are storage units and storage...
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    Biological Safety Cabinets - (97 companies)
    Biological safety cabinets protect both the specimen and the user from biological contamination. Particulate-free air is passed down from the top of the hood, across the work surface, and then captured before entering a worker's breathing zone...
  • Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers-Image
    Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers - (45 companies)
    Pressure-sensitive safety edges and safety bumpers are machine safeguarding devices that sense changes in pressure. In the dynamic world we live in, objects are often in motion. It 's just as likely that objects are moving toward one another...
    Safety Storage Cabinets - (116 companies)
    Safety Storage Cabinets are cabinets or casework for safety applications such as flammable and corrosive securement and storage. Image Credit: Globals Industrial | Grainger. Safety storage cabinets are cabinets or casework for safety applications...
    Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets - (281 companies)
    How to Select Tool Boxes and Cabinets. Tool boxes and cabinets are enclosed cases for storing, organizing, and carrying tools. They are also used to protect tools from outside weather elements. Construction. Tool boxes and cabinets are generally...
    Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems - (109 companies)
    Gas cabinets and distribution systems consist of vaporizers, gas cabinets, gas manifolds, mass flow controllers, valves, pressure sensors and associated interconnect tubing configured to deliver bulk and specialty gases to process equipment. Gas...
    Paper and Paperboard Materials - (571 companies)
    Paper and paperboard materials are available in rolls or sheets and are used for writing, printing, packaging, and many other applications. Categories include commercial paper, industrial paper, and paperboard.
    Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts - (324 companies)
    Plugs, stoppers and inserts fit into holes or cavities and are designed for the ends of shafts, tubes, pipes, fittings, connectors, screws, bars, or other shapes.
    Pipettes and Tips - (282 companies)
    Pipettes and tips are used to deliver a known quantity of solution to a vessel. They are either of the classical style (glass) or digital.

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  • States > Wisconsin > State > Regulations > Health Services > Appendices to Chapter 163 > [WI AC dhs 163appb] Appendix B
    Installation of rubber or felt bumpers will also reduce impact with the painted surface of the cabinet .
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Environmental Protection Agency > Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards > Locating and Estimating Air Toxics Emissions > ...
    … packaging, disposable dinnerware, food containers, toys, games, hobby kits, housings for room air conditioners and small handheld appliances, television cabinets , shower doors, drain pipes … … footwear, coated fabrics, car bumpers and weatherstrips, additive in … … paper coatings, binder for felt base of vinyl floor …
  • Development of prototype equipment for innovative employment of blind and partially sighted persons
    The tracking guide is held in place by means of a bracket mounting bar, rod mounting brackets at each end of the bar, bumper feet on the brackets to preclude damage to CRT cabinets , and a strap assembly made of a synthetic … … strap has a small nodule placed on it where a blind person can feel it when it …
  • THIS HARLEY’S A TRUCK | Today's Trucking
    … a front bumper with integrated fog and marker/turn lamps and optional Double Six bumper light bar; massive … Inside, the special edition LoneStar adds a Harley look and feel , with turned aluminum gauge faces, dark rosewood cabinets and a dark walnut floor.
  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 7 Issue 11 November 2010
    They take away the room sound and they make you feel like you’re in a space with … The delay cabinets aren’t the only part of the rig that Doubet hangs in the heavens. “ When I can get it, it’s 70' to the bumper —people think I’m crazy,” he adds.
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