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  • Selecting Cable Jacket Material for Biocompatibility: Medical Electronics
    Biocompatibility is ultimately a function of a completed device including all of its components, assembly processes and overall design. However, thoughtful material selection will help contribute to a product's overall biocompatibility.
  • Jacketing Insulations
    JACKETS - Applied over primary insulation, shields, cable components or over the cable itself, Includes many of the primary insulating materials, containing nylon, neoprene, hypalon, ethylene-propylene rubber, polyurethane, etc. Jackets cover and protect the enclosed wires or core against damage
  • Biocompatibility Requirements
    Selecting Cable Jacket Material for Biocompatibility: Medical Electronics
  • Cable Design: Insulation/Jacket
    Based on the requirements, the best insulating material for the application will be selected. The selection may involve examination of many different performance properties. The properties are addressed in the following sections and tables.
  • Continuous-flex Cable Construction
    fleece wraps and binders with a tube-extruded jacket. These types of cables may provide sufficient support in certain short-travel applications, however...
  • Protecting Cables from Oil Damage
    Oil can cause polymers, such as those used for cable insulation and jacketing, to degrade and crack. Selecting an oil-resistant cable is the best way to avoid this failure mode.
  • Compounding Cable Covering in a Rotary Mixer
    General Cable produces insulation and jacket materials for wiring products by blending temperature-sensitive thermoplastic resin pellets with solid and liquid additives in a rotary batch mixer from Munson Machinery.
  • Microwave Material Measurements Without Cables
    source of measurement error. A lesson that is learned early in material measurement laboratories is to avoid bumping the RF cable because of the phase and amplitude errors that result. In fact, some RF cable manufacturers specifically include polymer outer-jackets with. increased surface stickiness
  • Roof Deicing Under Membrane Roof Covering Materials
    Heatizon Systems makes roof snow melt and deicing products that utilize one of two different heating elements, Tuff Cable or ZMesh. Tuff Cable, a copper cable surrounded by an insulator which is surrounded by a jacket, is designed to be utilized in a Heatizon Heatsink Kit under medal and other
  • Marketplace
    293 Custom Vessels From Portable to Batch Top- or bottom-entry agitators, jacketed and vacuum or pressure designs, sprayball testing, prevalidation documentation, electropolishing and specializing fittings Lee Industries has the experience and expertise to handle it all! Visit them at Interphex